Sunday, May 6, 2012

Choices people don't often regret when they're old. . .

Not that I'm old (though my kids may disagree) and know from experience, but I have always enjoyed listening to old people and what they have learned of the deeper things of life. I use to work in a nursing home, and often heard of all the things that they would have liked to change about their lives. I don't like to be negative, as focusing on what you don't want to be like often has the unexpected tendency to make you be that way anyhow. So here's a list of positive choices you and I can make to avoid some future regrets:

    The choice to marry for love, not money or looks or . . .

    The choice to become a whole person, whether married or not.
- Many people feel that a woman is completed in a man or vice versa.  This often leaves either one helpless and hopeless without the other, making it difficult to amount to anything on their own.

    The choice to place importance in people and all things living, instead of materiel things.

    The choice to have kids or more kids.
-Generally, though I'm sure everyone has doubts along the way. Many people regret not having kids, or not having more kids.

The choice to spend more time playing with their kids.

    The choice to have a natural childbirth, wherever it is.
-Some locations will encourage that choice to end in reality more than others mind you. . .

    The choice to breastfeed your babies, until they wean themselves preferably.
-Not all can, but most can. And if not, it's almost always because of natural processes being thwarted by prior surgery or poor support and bad info.

    The choice to sleep near their babies.
-Many accidents can be avoided with a mother being near, and sleeping in babyhood is no exception. It seems every mother knows this deep down, no matter the culture they are in.

    The choice to be a stay at home Mom/Dad if at all possible. . .or work as little as you can to honestly make a living.

    The choice to spend your life doing something that helps humanity.

    The choice to be content with who you are, what you are and what you have at that moment in time.

    The choice to live more naturally and eco-friendly, to leave less of a mess for the future generations.

    The choice to eat as close to natural and traditional as worked for many generations before us.
-Certain natural choices are not what they use to be anymore, and some traditional food choices were never best, as is obvious by the health of the people groups that ate them. . .but as a general rule, eating like those in the (distant) past is safest.

    The choice to help people when they need it, in ways they want it.
-So often people want to help, but in ways that they have been taught is helpful, not what is truly needed. As a good counselor needs to let a person talk out the problem and let them come to their own conclusion with questions, so a person who wishes to help another through most problems needs to remember that their solution may not be your solution to that same problem.

The choice to take better care of yourself.

The choice to take more risks in life.
- to "dance as if nobody's watching".
-to gamble on relationships when you've been hurt in the past.
-to start businesses from you're passions.

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