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Where is America headed? Check it out, it's not pretty.

 What do patterns seen in stats, studies and the evidence around the world show us is clearly coming in the near future in America?

While it is clear by the opinion polls that the U.S. economy is equally fair to the poor, women, blacks and Hispanics . . . Yet however, all four groups are treated better than the white middle class. It is this that is part of the problem, but not the whole. The white middle class is the main tax paying base, educated white collar workers, bosses, and those not being dependent or causing trouble with the law. As we hurt them, we hurt the country. . .and when they are poorly treated, they leave.

So not surprisingly, according to a government (NASA) study, our civilization is headed for an irreversible collapse, and their take? It is all the white elite's fault. They are convinced that the wealth inequality that we see before the fall of every civilization is a sign of this collapse, and while there is no question that they are right. . . their solution to it is not. 

They suggest that only by the wealth being redistributed around to the poor, can we change the inevitable collapse. Hello folks, that is what we have tried before, it's called communism. The rationale of the Communists was that if inequality could be eliminated then there would no longer be any need to have a government. Read more about the misconceptions of communism, and how it evolved into Marxism, and socialism in my link.

A more popular offshoot of all of them is called cultural Marxism, which like the others, seeks to make equality. I have spoken more on that subject in my post:
The origin of miscegenation is cultural Marxism. . .and it will be the ruin of America.
As I also mentioned in my post: The parasites of Dying civilizations, it is not the wealthy that have destroyed civilizations in the past or now. . .Inequality comes from different inherent and genetically based IQ.

When a civilization with high IQ gets an influx of low IQ people, due to a slave trade, or otherwise, it will consequently bringing up the crime, while making the middle wage jobs into low wage jobs and the high wage jobs even higher. The stats on this are clear around the globe, and down through history.

Obvious flips in IQ demographics from high (90% white), to low (90% black) show this genetic inequality quite clearly. Examples of this are in places like Miami and Detroit that were set up by and flourishing with white populations, then replaced with ghetto blacks and promptly in one generation destroyed.

Inequality may seem to destroy civilizations in part, but it has nothing to do with the elite who are rich, and have a high IQ. Anymore then a fever or cholesterol can be blamed for your health problems. They are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and get blamed. 

"Whereas the ghetto black is the community where 3% of the US population (black males between 18-49) commit over half of the country’s violent crimes and murders. . .A community that ranks at the bottom of every single measurement of achievement. "

"Why is this? Racism and oppression from whitey? Hardly! It’s because ghetto blacks WANT to live like they do. No one holds a gun to their heads (except other ghetto blacks) to make ghetto blacks drop out of school, have illegitimate children at a 70+% rate, commit crimes at multiples greater than other races, join gangs, have the highest percentage on welfare and social services (39% while making up 12% of the US population), etc."

"No other race in America riots and loots, burning down their community when something doesn’t go the way they like. White people are attacked daily in horrible incidents of violence at the hands of blacks but no one burns down their local Quik Trip. Doesn’t even enter the realm of possibilities."

While people (especially defensive blacks) are grasping to blame big banks, racism, the elites and unfair wages, the destruction of Detroit, as well as many other civilizations is clearly none of those. . .

Sadly, "diversity" and integration with blacks brings with it bad side effects because of the level of violence blacks show, stemming from a higher testosterone and passion. 

Thus "diversity" or multiculturalism looks a lot like it does in nature. . .with the strongest attacking the passive.
The more the originally white countries mix with these low IQ blacks, and the more the elite marry among themselves, selecting for intelligence, as they always have, the more they will excel. While the more the rest intermarry, the more our civilization will dumb down and this will be evidenced in the job market and economy.

The inevitable side effect of diversity is increased inequality with the rich getting get more rich, while the middle class whites will vanish and join the poor minorities. The country's available jobs will look like this job chart in Washington. . .

This mixing and consequent "dumbing down of America" is also seen in the religion rates around the world.  (knowledge has grown and understanding our past and the mind has also grown, while religions have been seen to have patterns and similarities, consequently many very intelligent and educated people in 1st world nations have dismissed all religions as myth. While others take it further and trace religions to their common source in Sumerian text. . .I believe religion has gone the way of all evolved beliefs, but was originally speaking of real events. . . )

The European nations, as well as the Asians (all the high IQ people in the world) are highly Atheistic, while the lower the IQ of the nation, the more they are religious. A good way to show the downfall of the IQ, is to trace religion stemming from low IQ, as it has been linked to from the time the missionaries went to Africa. 

So, as the minorities infiltrate the country, we see our religion rates go up, while Europe's have gone down. This is based on numbers, not percentages of their population. Africa is almost completely religious now!Regional Distribution of Christians

According to pew forum: "As a whole, Christians are older. . . than the overall global population. Among the six regions analyzed in this study, Christians are youngest in sub- Saharan Africa, followed by Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North America. Europe has the oldest Christian population."Source Source 
The fact is, the older people raised in religion are not keeping up with news that debunks their upbringing, as they don't want to change or have to admit they were wrong. While otherwise those in first world and educated white countries are falling away from religion at a rapid rate. This is true in all places that are not predominantly dark. Numerous studies show that the higher the education, IQ, analytical thinking you are, etc. the more likely you will be non religious.

Those who are those pouring into this country at a huge rate from Mexico, as well as those blacks who have been here (breeding like rabbits from the start of the slave trade), both have an average very low IQ, and are both much more religious. So while we educated white Americans from the time of the founding fathers would like to think that science will see the death of religion (as there are clear signs of happening in Europe, and with the elite and educated in America), unfortunately religion flourishes as long as there is a low or lowering IQ. And where is that lowered or low IQ all stemming from? If you are a visual learner, this will help you see the big picture.

Here is where the Sub Saharan black slaves came from and went to.

Everywhere that has been majorly touched by admixture with Africans, due to the transatlantic slave trade, as well as the eastern slave trade to eastern Europe, can be seen as having a low wage on this next map (as well as a low IQ, seen as mostly orange. . .except North America and eastern Europe. The numbers and percent overall in the white populations were still small enough to have not made a big effect when this map was made 16 years ago. . .)

"The dumbing down of America" (the 90% white America of the past) and it's subsequent destruction is a fact, and because of "African intelligence", whether we want to admit to it. . . or not. (Warning, link will likely turn your stomach and make you want to run away from America screaming.)

This dumbing down can be seen happening from ancient times, but instead of measuring IQ or what it effects to gauge intelligence, scientists have measured sculls. As head size is linked to brain size and intelligence, elite Asians and whites having the largest, it has come as a shock that we modern Americans have a smaller head/brain size then the original white man, the Neanderthals. . .something I discussed here as connecting to mythology and archaeology

Of course, when you add a bias of a high education, and thus add in the elite mixed of every population, these racial differences are nearly gone. Yet the fact is, without trying to excuse away the typical stereotypes, there are big differences in head sizes and IQs in the blacks and whites, from birth, and using MRI's and weight. In fact, there is a gene associated with brain "growth".
 Scientists would say, "The gene microcephalin (MCPH1) regulates brain size during development and has experienced positive selection in the lineage leading to Homo sapiens (Zhang, 2003; Evans et al, 2005). Within modern humans a group of closely related haplotypes, known as ‘haplogroup D’ arose from a single copy at this locus (Evans, 2006). Globally, D alleles are young and first appeared about 37,000 years ago; with high frequency haplotypes being rare in Asia, and particularly Africa. The highest frequencies are seen in Europe/Eurasia." "It should be noted that the fossil records suggest that brain size in humans - particularly Europeans - has decreased over the past 35,000 years, and on through the Neolithic period (Frayer, 1984; Ruff et al, 1997; Woods, et al, 2006). Interestingly, the selected variant of MCPH1 is thought to have arisen about 37,000 years ago (Evans et al, 2006)" They foolishly conclude that seeing this brain mutation gene come in and then shrinking happening soon after. . . that makes "it a candidate gene responsible for this general decline (Woods et al, 2006)"

Yeah, it's quite obvious that those without this mutant brain gene, in Sub sahara Africa, are the origin of big brains and intelligence. . .if you believe that, I have some ice to sell you! So seriously, get real people! For an open debate of this topic, and a "closed case" on the side of genetic based IQ, check out here.

Consequently, the more the Neanderthal blooded parts of the world (whites) mix with the homo erectus part of the world (blacks), the more we shrink. . .to the small brain size of the homo erectus. (Homo erectus has only been found in blacks. While pure sub saharan blacks have no Neanderthal in them. . .)
Shrinking Brain in Humans
While this picture is trying to show an evolutionary worldview change from the black colored skin to the white colored modern man, that is conjecture. Even the scientist who made up this theory of out of Africa has had to reexamine it because of DNA. More accurately we can see the coloring according to DNA, to be this.
Image result for homo erectus
Homo Erectus

While on average our white population's brainsize is shrinking, they have also studied a (not surprisingly) gain in a small group of the population: the 13% of Black's.

Their brains/headsize/ IQ have all been *magically* growing from the time when they started legally mixing with whites. (Around 1960) This is called the Flynn effect, and cultural marxist liberals actually use this fact to discount and throw out the IQ gap between whites and blacks as "insignificant". Saying it hardly matters, because it is closing anyways!! Really?! Read more about it here.

Explanations for the increased IQ have included improved nutrition, a trend toward smaller families in industrialized nations, better education of the poor, greater environmental complexity, and heterosis (the occurrence of genetically superior offspring from natural selection). Flynn and a colleague argued "that the measure "heritability"[of IQ] includes both a direct effect of the genotype on IQ and also indirect effects such that the genotype [i.e. being a smart white] changes the environment, thereby affecting IQ. That is, those with a greater IQ tend to seek stimulating environments that further increase IQ." 

Of course we see this to be true to a small degree (like 5 points) but the effects are generally not lasting, or without admixture. When the schools of Virginia closed to avoid government imposed integration, the black kids lost the slight increase they had had.
Source  While there are lots of folks looking to excuse away IQ as meaningless, the fact is, IQ (which is tied to brain and head size) is intrinsically tied to and correlated with the wage of a population in general, as also seen in the above map. (And it is a fact that whites and Asians have the biggest heads and brains, as well as the highest IQ's.)

 For this reason, artificially raising the wage of the low IQ minorities by wrong priorities of entertainment, giving charity, bail outs, incentives or having labor unions like in Detroit, have (and will) solve nothing, more then temporarily. . .

This is because those who gain riches through playing sports or winning the lottery (or otherwise not earning it by their brains) never keep it, but swindle it away with foolish living. In fact, between 60% and 80% of athletes in the NBA and NFL go bankrupt within five years of retirement, despite making an average of $5.15 million and $1.9 million per season. Not surprisingly, about 70 percent of those teams are black. . .coincidence?

 College sports players who are black are also lagging behind academically compared to their white team mates, with only 50% of them even graduating and going on to play for the pros. 

This obvious lack of intelligence (not just "unfair" IQ testing) correlates to those who are getting the smart sports jobs as well. Though we know for instance that football teams are dominated by strong, testosterone pumped black men, who are frequently in the news for their raping and criminal behavior, the smart position (the quarterback) is generally held by a white guy. Also, only 12 percent of coaches and athletic directors at the top 25 Bowl Championship Series colleges are black.

 Another example of how those not earning money with their brains generally just can't handle money is the fact that 70% of all lottery winners are broke within a few years of receiving their jackpot. The odds of winning being so low, and it being a silly waste of your money, most intelligent people don't even play the lottery I have found. Like the saying goes, "A fool and his money are soon parted."

Whereas, you can take a rich and smart (generally white) person away from their money, and most often they will make it again. As a matter of fact, stats tell us many smart self-made millionaires have been bankrupt on numerous occasions in their lives, and made it back! Some of the more famous ones are here.

The sad fact is, those with a low IQ can't help being poor, because they will not make wise choices. Just like a poor man who begs for money and then spends it on drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, an idiot can't be helped with lotteries or charity into living like a smart person.

Knowing this then, to ask a dark person or anyone with the mentality like a child to be responsible for their unwise choices, (that most often led to their poverty. . .)is illogical of smart people. 

In a similar way, asking a black person with at minimum, 15% higher level of testosterone not to act irrational and passionately, is like asking a woman in PMS not to have passionate big emotions. High testosterone can fuel anger and sometimes rage. . .

causing irrational, low impulse control but also raging passionate desire. (Thus people with low libido actually supplement with testosterone to get the passion blacks have naturally! Which is no doubt why their rape rate is out of control, as well as babies out of wedlock.)

This testosterone level for woman though is highest right before ovulation, but actually is building and high your entire period as well. This chart is very helpful to understand the mood swings of woman. . .they basically turn into a slightly black person for part of their cycle.

Testosterone and Female Sex Drive thumb Female Sexual Desire, Testosterone and the Menstrual Cycle: For Dummies

 So if you want to deny testosterone's guaranteed effect in blacks, you will have to deny it in PMSing woman too. . .and I think we all know, that is irrational.
Source Source

So in conclusion:
 What does multiculturalism and diversity cause? It: 

  1. brings down the IQ, though this is unpredictable. . .
  2. increases inequality of wage, and brings unemployment to many of low IQ status.
  3.  makes more religion, that both is useless and divides
  4. increases the population, as the blacks and mixed generally have more passion, and less impulse control. . .
  5.  (caused by) increases testosterone which in short, increases crime and destroys civilization.  
What will this look like? Well, conveniently, a number of other civilizations, both anciently and now, are perfect examples of what happens when you mix passionate and low IQ Africans in with them. It is sick and messed up. I am feeling nauseous already after all this negative stuff, so I will get into that in my next post. . .

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Grieving the inevitable fall of America.

 A lot of very sensitive and compassionate folks in the USA are in the grieving process that I spoke of in my post here? ( It is a belief that has died though, not a person. )

 Denial is the first stage of grief.
Some folks not only deny the heaping evidence, but also the real causes of the:
  •  economic inequality. . . which is inherent and genetically based
  •  unemployment rates of minorities being so low due to their education and behavior
  •  education inequality as stemming from racial differences in IQ, only. . .as seen in Detroit schools.
  •  high crime rate, as being because it is just the way the primates and those genetically closest to them are wired to be without altruism. (Making religion, and the golden rule meaningless to the pure blacks. . .)
  • high criminal behavior in places like Detroit, Chicago, Miami, LA, Atlanta, DC, etc. being due to more passion, low IQ and high testosterone in Blacks
  • high rate of state dependence of those with Sub Saharan African in their genes (per capita), being evidence of their IQ and consequently their parasite nature worldwide
  • high rates of minority babies born out of wedlock (70%), due to the differences in IQ and culture
  • high abortion rate for minorities being because it is worse for some to live, then to be put out of their misery.
  • overpopulation being statistically because of the minorities, who are breeding like rabbits, while expecting the country to foot the bill for them as well as their many children!
No matter how hard they try, without mixing with whites, Blacks can't change their DNA or what makes them tick. Asking or expecting them to, in order to fit in with white based society and cultured living is as wrong as going to the blacks in the jungle and telling them to get dressed to make us feel more comfortable. Or going to the gorilla and asking them to stop being a polygamist. (Who I would say abuses his harem of female gorillas and children.)

 If you don't understand and accept the differences in and origin of the races being with actually different species (something you can trace genetically, as well as otherwise, as I got even more into in these posts: All about the hybrid Neanderthal named Adam. part 5 and All about Africans, the original earthly species. . .Part 6) then odds are you will be led into the next step of the grieving process, Anger

This is where most of the people conditioned by cultural Marxism (all Americans who haven't looked into this stuff) seem to stop. (I show the issues with Cultural Marxism, and why it is debunked here.)

If you haven't already started skimming, you will want to shut me down for stating the facts. Here is where you will in your head be calling me names such as "racist", "white supremacist" or "neo Nazi", feeling those terms are on par with "heretic", "Atheist" (if you are Christian) or "murderer". You would no doubt love to see me disciplined, penalized and lose everything dear to me. You may read on, but only in order to discredit me as a crazy person. . .Many might even go so far as to hope to see me jailed or killed! Scientists I quote in my blog who state this info have been demonized too. Many have lost their jobs, families, careers and lives, all while following the evidence they could not in a good conscience ignore. I have gone through a lot myself, even from friends and family, and all because of this part of grief.

Knowing that my family consisted of Missionaries to Africa (before the exodus of whites, and the civil wars that ensued), my mom was born and raised in Liberia west Africa, my goal in life has previously been to be a missionary to Africa (have visited many countries in Sub Sahara Africa on two occasions, as well as other third world countries that come from intermixing with Africans) and at my insistence my husband and I almost adopted a black teenager. . .all showing the illogical claims you may be thinking are wrong.  Also, you would think that being a humanist/evolutionist standing on the side of animal rights, pacifism, permaculture, while avoiding hunting and zoos, that I would be the last one to be accused of immoral unfairness! Logic never does come into play when you pull the race card though.

There is little doubt that some blacks have been mistreated, just as some whites will abuse a pet cat. IMO, more problems would come from pretending the lion is a house cat. You can't expect a lion to act like a domesticated house cat! You need to treat them with caution. Likewise, caution and judging (otherwise known as "racial profiling" or "prejudiced") based on knowledge of a race via stats, is not wrong, it is smart.

It is not abuse to "judge" a lion as a lion, or a black as a black. The stereotype is what we base our caution off of, and the majority of blacks at least mostly fit the stereotype. We should know that not all will though, and that is mostly due to a huge influx of mixed marriages in the last 50 years. Before it was legal, the mixed blacks (sometimes looking just as black as those who aren't) were almost unheard of. Thoughts on what the blacks were like was consequently very different in the past, whereas the media shows us mainly the mixed ones now.

I do not advocate real physical abuse like was done to blacks as well as children too in the past. Though no doubt the spankings of children and blacks were similarly justified. . .Those who mistreat someone under them, whether an animal, child or black man, generally shows one of a few things: religious bias, or a lack of compassion. If the latter, they likely have a low IQ, linked to having no gene for altruism, even if they look white. Consequently, I am guessing that being nasty and mean to blacks or minorities in general is actually a sign of a hidden African ancestry. Some of the most outspoken "racist" white supremacists have in fact been DNA tested to be like 14% black!

Rednecks, like that guy looked, are famous for being white supremacists, and violent against blacks.According to DNA studies, my educated guess is that they are rednecks only because they are part black. (Something I discussed in my last post.) 

So if you as a white "looking" person going in the violent and hateful direction that rednecks do with the facts I speak of here, or in other places on my blog, you are on risky ground of being called out as a hypocrite.

My posts come out of concern, as a missionary would attempt to moderate and find peaceful solutions to the obvious problems of living with a beloved yet dependent pet of this world. Being in the obvious position of power, we need to be the bigger more tolerant people. We should love every creature as they are, not expect them to love us though. We may love the lion, the gorilla and the needy African, and try to help them, but we can't fix them. They don't need fixing, as they do not have the potential to be like someone who is white. (Unless they are are mixed.) It is like fixing a kid to act like an adult. You shouldn't feel the need to even try.

Like those in Sumerian mythology (Epic of Gilgamesh), that I discuss in my post on the blacks origins. . . I compare blacks (or the wild man Enkidu) to being like a child. The unmixed blacks , according to my estimations -from sources like the Bell Curve- have an IQ of 54-64, and are thus mentally childlike. 

When they have a higher IQ, it is like they are mentally a teenager, who arrogantly think they can compete with the adult whites. . . It is ironic that when part whites like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Oprah, or others passionately push for equality, it is like the teenager who wants to be treated like an adult. Some do have the IQ as an adult. . .but statistics show it to be very rare. An average white IQ is only shared by about 1 out of 3 blacks. 11% of blacks are above 100, whereas  about 50% of whites are above 100. Obama and Neil degrasse Tyson are likely two of the few high IQ blacks around, but there are apparently few to no genius (140 IQ) blacks.

 They want acceptance as equals, and they want to be integrated with the whites. . .but it wasn't likely a thought in their minds before they had some white genes, increasing their IQ. The leaders in the black community, now all mixed, are simply like rebellious teenagers leading the unmixed children. . .neither the leader, or the pack they lead are aware of how good they have it to be away from Africa. The black people who would be poor anywhere else in the world, are actually doing well here thanks to whites.

 Where you find any minority that is a large part black (all dark races), you will find them demanding not only their "God given rights" (which as I have explained in my posts of the past, were never intended for them) but more even then the whites have!! They actually want and even demand favored treatment!

A black person will easily get healthcare, financial aid, college entrance, a job, housing, heating and cooling paid for, foodstamps and lots of other stuff! The democratic party (controlled by a large part minorities -90% of the blacks-now) have passed laws forcing mandatory quotas for minorities, so as to give "equal opportunity". . .whereas a white male will be hard pressed to find help or charity of any kind! This is partly because of an unfair advantage called Affirmative Action, and it is in no way "equal" treatment. Affirmative action, some believe, carries with it a stigma that can create feelings of self-doubt or entitlement in minorities, treated thus like a child that deserves special privileges. Just like a spoiled child, the minorities (but especially the blacks), have consequently grown to feel entitled and equal, while not earning it. The black race has not earned trust or respect (much less all the freebies they get) and yet they are angry that we fear them.

 Blacks want us to treat them like a kitten, when they have proven themselves on a whole to be more like a lion. (The exceptions being those who are mixed from North Africa and after mixing with white slave masters here in America.) And if you don't give them what they want, treat them as a white -against all known facts- pacify them, bend over backwards to accommodate them or even admit to their warped view of their history as the founders of civilization, intelligence and everything good, then their anger at you will quickly explode into swearing, threats and accusations of racism and "whitewashing" history. (Sadly for them though, their uninformed and wishful thinking is now debunked by stats, science and DNA! Racism is not the same as facts.)

The scientist who even came up with the "out of Africa theory" (believing all people came out of not just the location of Africa, but the Africans), is even questioning that theory, based on DNA.  Though they believe modern man came from Africa, they also admit that modern man might have come as a result of the interbreedings with other species. . . as they moved out of Africa.

Of course bringing up the connection of blacks with the homo erectus, and being closer genetically to the chimp then any other man by far (though this would be obvious if they were the origin of man that evolved from the monkeys), it seems to bring on the wrath of blacks on the internet! (And a lot of people are noticing this. . .)

Bringing up the subject of the average IQ of Africa being 70, and equated with the cut off of mental retardation, is another taboo which while bad enough, knowing that IQ is equated with wage and civilization, as well as behavior, and violence. . .(all evidenced in America by the almost pure black areas like Detroit, and the schools there having test scores as if they were guessing), it becomes obvious that there is a lot of money being wasted on trying to change people that have no potential of being "equal". You can't change the stripes of a tiger, nor can you take out the hormones or change the IQ (more then a few points) of the pure blacks.

While it is obvious whites are trusted, smarter, more peaceful and thus get better treatment and more money from others connected to the blacks genetically, we whites shouldn't be punished or made to feel guilty for being at the top of the pecking order, as we have technically earned it. Blacks have been genetically proven to be the oldest human, so if they have not earned our respect by their intelligence and actions yet, they likely never will. (Instead we see the stereotypical Black as a freeloader, lazy, violent, volatile, angry, entitled, poverty stricken, loud, need I go on. . .many of the intelligent and famous mixed blacks are even embarrassed by the behavior of the black community in general!)

The topic of racial differences, or black history will AMAZINGLY get just as much if not more denial and anger from whites, as from blacks! In fact there is a great video of a speech from a promising columnist fired by the Washington post for exposing some facts about racial differences. The speech is about how whites handle "racial realism". . .it is the best I have seen, and this will show you, that I am not alone in my thoughts.

The liberal whites have, and do, compassionately and adamantly defend the blacks (many of whom seem to be taught to hate the whites. . .According to the Washington times and a poll they quoted, black supremacy is more prolific then white supremacy, and even blacks agree!). They will defend them like some will defend their pet dog or cat when it is claimed that the animals don't have souls. . .the thing is, you hurt a cat more by pretending he is a person, then just admitting to, and treating him like he is a cat.

It may be a crazy theory to many without looking into it, but I believe the genetics points to the origin of whites being in the Neanderthals, and the blacks being in the homo erectus. As different species, we would thus have many obvious differences. Differences ranging from bone composition, head shape/size, hormones, diets, gestation times, maturity, jaws/ teeth, milk, bloodtypes, vitamin D needs, etc. 

Mixing is consequently very unhealthy, as well as stupid, but many people don't even know they are a mix, and wonder why we are as a culture so sick! Check out the differences, and why interracial breeding is bad if you wonder. Even the liberals at the NY times are now saying the genetic differences are being spoken of and may make a stir, (and it worries them). They admit though that "It is not necessary. . .to maintain the pretense that inborn racial differences do not exist.“When was the last time a nonblack sprinter won the Olympic 100 meters?”
“To say that such differences [like in IQ or strength] aren’t real . .is to stick your head in the sand and go blah blah blah blah blah until the band marches by.”"

So the next grief stage comes in: Bargaining, with me or others. Making deals and promises.  "If you can tell me where this leads. . .I might accept it." "If this doesn't make me justify the Bible's genocides as moral, then I will accept the Sumerian text as the true creation story." "If you can promise other's won't abuse this knowledge. . .then I will spread it." "I would love you to speak on this subject to my group, as long as you don't bring up the race issue it connects with. . ."  "If you stop spreading this *hate* I will stay friends with you (i.e accept you.)" 

Or the religious folks will pray and ask God to show them the truth of whether or not he was one of the ancient aliens by a sign, or they will keep believing in their magic version of God. Wishful thinking and talking to invisible people though rarely changes anything, except in the mind. . .and yet, because of the hope it offers to the uninformed, unintelligent or superstitious, bargaining to God and being religious in general is the highest in poor and low IQ populations related closely to Sub Saharan Africa.


Many would equate praying in fact with begging, like many of the religious do. . . but it totally depends on how you pray. Praise and thankfulness will naturally come more from those who are doing fine in life, who will naturally be from a white first world country.

 While begging in your prayers will likely come from the poor and desperate. . .who happen to be primarily the low IQ minorities, who are consequently struggling to survive.

 So you could correlate the begging sort of prayer as coming from the mostly religious, mostly poor minorities (and the ignorant redneck "whites" who are part black as I showed with genetics in my last post here.)

Ever notice how in churches (of the many I have been to) the same people always feel they have to ask for prayer requests, or go up at the "caring and sharing time" of the service? Notice how they seem to be either the social butterflies or the most poor and low IQ ones in the church? Notice how after they have some publicity in front of a large compassionate group it seems "God" always provides that job, or for that bill, or car, or. . .?

 The dependent, entitled and desperately poor blacks in America, thanks to many different things have apparently not moved on to the next grief stage: depression.  While Anti-depressants are the number one drug in the US, the demographics of those on them are not the very poor and dependent blacks, as some would guess by their often expressionless faces. What we mistake for sadness though is really anger.
Source Source

Having (at very least) 15% higher levels of testosterone (as a very rare college educated black man) the Blacks are prone to having a large ego, and confidence, even about things they have no cause to be confident about. . . like attractiveness. (There are a lot of other not so good things linked to a high testosterone level as well. . . ) So depression is not something Blacks will likely ever have, unless mixed with white genes. This can be both good and bad of course. . .but mostly bad IMO.

People will claim the blacks aren't on antidepressants like the white community is, only because they go untreated, but this is highly unlikely, as they will go to the doctor at the drop of a hat. They are not in any way putting on a tough front as some might want to believe either, as they are more likely then whites to complain about how bad their health is. . .and more likely to be on free state healthcare. On a survey, 66% of Americans said their health was either “excellent” or “very good.” Another 24% said their health was “good,” while 8% described it as “fair” and 2 percent as “poor.” Of those who were self described as "poor" health, they were more likely to be black

Like the scientists have shown the chimp to be, those who are genetically the closest to them (the blacks) have been proved to be entitled beggars. Consequently, they will ask for everything, and then even abuse the free stuff they are given. . .like Obamacare. According to emergency room nurses, hospital, and social workers blacks will steal everything they can from the taxpayer. They are not concerned about the country, following it's laws or following the golden rule. The minorities in general are no doubt the reason our country could not ever afford to have a truly universal healthcare, like every other flourishing, white first world nation. Yet minorities are likely the only reason that we have Obamacare, and the only reason Mitt Romney believed he lost to Obama. 

The fact is, it takes intelligence and morality to be a team player. . .

Africans are not evolved to be a team player, like a herd animal. Nor do they have swarm intelligence, which would be like the networking Neanderthal. Instead, like the homo erectus who they come from, they are simply out for themselves. The closest they get to having swarm intelligence is guerrilla warfare and the rioting mob mentality. Neither of which are smart, organized or peaceful. 

When blacks assemble is mass, it is rarely for a humanitarian or political cause, and from what I have seen never leads to good things. This is seen after sporting events dominated by blacks. Anytime the mood of the mob is bad (from not getting their way), watch out as they will riot, loot and vandalize. This rarely hits the news, but it is very common, all down through history. . .

Riots are well known to happen after the local's football team looses. It has happened over the death of one thief named Michael Brown who appears to have been the aggressor in a confrontation with a cop acting in self defense. (Who was said to have used excessive force to have shoot him 6 times, none of which according to the autopsy would have been fatal until the last one shot in the head as the crazed Michael Brown was still apparently charging the cop.) 

This out of control rioting and angry passion if found most in those of Sub Saharan ancestry. . .who have little to no mixing with the Neanderthal or European in them. The slaves of the world were taken from those areas in Africa in constant civil warfare. The pure Africans are also seen as having no duffy antigen in their blood. North Africans came here apparently to get away from the rest of Africa, and to be in the place of civilization. They paid their own way by being indentured servants for a few years. Those taken away were already enslaved by the blacks in Africa.

Back to the health and mental state of the blacks though. Some think it could just be hypochondria and abuse of the system that sends the Blacks into the emergency so often, but I suspect it is more because of things like 4 out of 5 Black woman being obese. Blacks are just disproportionately more obese then whites or any other race. This likely coming partly from different dietary needs for their bloodtype, and lack of sunlight. 

I suspect it is also justified because they are naturally more sickly from an inferior immune system, the less Neanderthal they have in them. Genetics tells us we got our immunity largely due to the interbreeding with the Neanderthal and Denisovan. (The Sub Saharan African, the origin of all blacks, being the only group in the world who has not been blessed by these genes.)

As evidence of this even today, though the Blacks are now 80% mixed with some European, and 58% have 12.8% European or more. . .still, "African Americans bear a disproportionate burden of health problems (DHHS, 2000a). Mortality rates. . . are higher for blacks than for whites (National Center for Health Statistics, 1996). The African American rate of:
  • diabetes is more than three times that of whites;
  • heart disease is more than 40 percent higher than that of whites;
  • prostate cancer due to a high testosterone is more than double that of whites;
  • HIV/AIDS is more than seven times that of whites 
  • breast cancer is higher than it is for whites, (African American women are more likely to receive mammography screening than are white women so likely due to the fact that they get more radiation, and avoid breastfeeding their babies, they asked for this one.
  • infant mortality is twice that of whites.
  • STD are much higher then for whites!
  • parasite infestations of the gut are near universal in Blacks
Then of course, the domestic abuse and crime is so much higher, they would naturally use the emergency room more. They also have so many unplanned pregnancies (73% of babies are out of wedlock) and try so many unsafe abortions themselves (like in Africa, causing 40% of them to die) that humanitarian family planning groups like planned parenting help by placing their clinics in minority dominated areas. The government gives out free birth control and family planning, as well as abortions, and the blacks and Hispanics are the main users of them. 

So frankly, if you are an intelligent and concerned black person, all this would be ample cause for depression, in my book. Yet they are not prone to that, based on their carefree and selfish personality. Something scientists try to debunk, but the worlds highest IQ in Asia mainly all believe in.

Sadly though, the cause of the problems in this country is not simply ill-health of the minorities. As stated in my post: Parasites of dying civilizations, the mostly white tax payers foot the bill for black's education, healthcare, policing, confining/housing, food and welfare, phones, birth control and now abortions. . .freeing them to sit unproductively at home like dependent children, because no one wants to hire them. (And this is nothing to do with "racism" either as I go over there.) 

We take care of them like children, while they give us nothing but trouble in return. Considering that blacks are less then 13% of the population, and Hispanics are a little over 16%, with whites basically the rest, it should be shocking to hear that in a 1999 Youth Gang Survey it was found that 47% of the 840,500 US gang members were Hispanic, 31% African American, 13% Caucasian, 7% Asian, and 2% were "Other".

 In places like LA and Chicago police have estimated almost HALF of all black men between the ages of 21 and 24 to be gang members!

Minorities fill our jails, costing us up to $45,000 dollars a year to house and feed, when most of them according to my estimations, were previously living on around $10,000 a year. "One in three African American males aged 20–29 are under some form of criminal justice supervision whether imprisoned, jailed, on parole or probation."

"Black males were 6 times and Hispanic males 2.5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white males in 2012. Hispanic males ages 18 to 19 were more than 3 times as likely as white males of the same age to be imprisoned. The rates for black males age 39 or younger were more than 6 times greater than white males of the same age. Male inmates ages 18 to 19 had the largest imprisonment rate disparity between whites and blacks. Black males in this age group were almost 9.5 times more likely than white males to be in prison."
African American population distribution map of Atlanta by census tract
Here is a clear picture of black crime. . . First, see this map showing where the largest group of blacks are around Atlanta, GA? Their population has grown double the rate of other races in the area.  4 years ago Atlanta was said to be home to 1.7 million blacks. (This is still only 34% of the population, as compared to 84% in Detroit.)  Now go to this site to see the stats on where all the crime of the area is happening. This place has made the news as of late, you might have heard of the Michael Brown murder. . . Source

That crime all happening in Fulton area ONLY is a coincidence though right? It is likely only because of all the arson and looting and shooting with the riots after the blacks being angry at the unjust killing of that 18 year old right? (Hmm, why don't whites riot when the exact same thing happens to one of them?) Actually, in 2009 this chart was done to show the crime stats in the state. . .

Just in case that isn't clear enough, here's another big city that according to the Black demographic website: "After the riots and Civil Rights movement African Americans began to migrate to the suburbs creating America’s largest Black middle class community in adjacent Prince Georges County MD." If all these are middle class blacks, and much more civilized because of it, no doubt crime is non existent, or at least not justified by poverty. So if high black crime wasn't because of blood, high testosterone and passion, then it would be similar to the surrounding areas. . .take a look. This is everywhere blacks are! The "bad neighborhoods" you can look up, and they always seem to correspond with the census reports of where the minorities reside. 

Peaceful blacks certainly exist, but they mix in with whites and are accepted by them, as they act white. . .something that will get them much grief from their own black people! (Being called "sellouts", or accused of just "acting white". Fact is, if you act it, you are it. . .or at least part white.)
Black Local Jail Incarceration 2000 to 2010

Of course unless the cops weren't doing their jobs, many of those crimes would be getting jail time, so the jails would be full of these folks. Keeping in mind though that blacks account for only less then 13% of the population there should be around 6 times as many whites as blacks in jail. . .check out the stats to the right.

Now you can tell me that the high crime and the consequential death of civilization isn't inevitable with the uncontrolled growth of the black community. . .or grow up and start being a "race realist".  That would land you at the last step of grieving: Acceptance.

Being a race realist is different then being a "white supremacist", a Neo Nazi, or even a "racist". Back in the day being a race realist was just considered having good old common sense. Such obvious truths like that blacks were generally more violent and less intelligent were not even doubted, let alone challenged and denied! Ask the older and wiser generations if you doubt me! Everyone knew how the stereotypical (read non mixed) black acted like, but now science has explained it. (Low IQ, high testosterone, and even a gene for violence, and a lacking gene for altruism is being spoken of.) As they can't help it, the question is, while accepting the evidence as fact, what do we do with that knowledge?! Other then getting back to sterilization, segregation/ deportation and taking a vote from them (all things we in the past voted down). . .there is no peaceful, good answer. So get ready for the inevitable collapse of civilization in our children's and grandchildren's generations. Something I will speak of more in my next post. Of course you shouldn't speak of this though, so don't even think of commenting or sharing this stuff either. . .