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The difference between intelligence and education in the workforce. Part 3

If you read my last post called "The correlations, associations  and tendencies of smart people part 2", you know that I am trying to be fair about the racial differences in intelligence, but the facts of associations all point in the same direction, even if there are some exceptions. (As discussed in my first post called "The problems with intelligence testing and their many confusing correlations. Part 1)

Now spend some time looking at this chart and it's associations.

If you are motivated to read this right now, you are not in the low IQ category. Your "training style" is simply a sign of your intelligence and that you are likely either "keeping up" or "out ahead" on the chart.

Note that the school drop out rate for those in the 70-90 range is high, while the other IQ ranges are very low drop out rates? We hear so much about the people dropping out simply "not trying" to get an education, and thus ending up poor. . .but these young people have given up, just like their parents, simply due to school being above their mental ability! (And that is even with the lowering of the standards and teachers refusing to fail students!)
So when people comment on the failure or entitled mentality of these "lazy" dropouts, just understand they are mainly speaking of people who are near mentally handicapped and out of touch with the world. . .especially when it comes to readiness for them to be entering the workforce. (These below are common thoughts I hear.)
In this next chart below you will note that a high or medium IQ is needed for all descent jobs.

 Keep in mind that pure blacks in Africa (as stated and proved in my last post), have an average IQ of 70. Mixed blacks in America top out at an average of 80, and rising due to admixture.

(Some rare ones way higher, and some lower, as genes are unfair in their distribution of IQ, even in the same family.)

As shown here, people in the 75 and below range will be unemployed or at best, if not in jail and if miraculously graduated, will be only capable of getting a few types of jobs. Those like: Janitor, freight and materiel handlers, assembler, fast food worker, farm hand, or a butt wiper in a nursing home. . .you could put those in the servitude/slave category. (More and more of these brainless jobs are being replaced by automated machines though you will note.)

Another study shows the average IQ in different jobs, and nothing registered below 75. A low IQ has no jobs listed because they are not capable of doing a job.Source

"Adults in the bottom 5% of the IQ distribution (below 75) are very difficult to train and are not competitive for any occupation on the basis of ability. Serious problems in training low-IQ military recruits during World War II led Congress to ban enlistment from the lowest 10% (below 80) of the population, and no civilian occupation in modern economies routinely recruits its workers from that below-80 range. Current military enlistment standards exclude any individual whose IQ is below about 85."

(Which is why studies of black's average IQ from military testing is skewed.)

"Persons of average IQ (between 90 and 100) are not competitive for most professional and executive-level work but are easily trained for the bulk of jobs in the American economy. By contrast, individuals in the top 5 percent of the adult population can essentially train themselves, and few occupations are beyond their reach mentally."

Another chart of the practical Significance of IQ, starting lower. . .

IQ Range



Typical Educability


Below 30

>1% below 30IlliterateUnemployable. Institutionalized.

30 to 49

>1% below 501st-Grade to 3rd-GradeSimple, non-critical household chores.

50 to 59

1.5% below 603rd-Grade to 6th-gradeVery simple tasks, close supervision.

60 to 73

5% below 746th-Grade to 8th-Grade"Slow, simple, supervised."

74 to 88

25% below 898th-Grade to 12th-GradeAssembler, food service, nurse's aide

89 to 100

50% below 1008th-Grade to 1-2 years of College.Clerk, teller, Walmart
100 to 111
50% above 10012th-Grade to College DegreePolice officer, machinist, sales
112 to 120
25% above 111College to Master's LevelManager, teacher, accountant
121 to 125
10% above 120College to Non-Technical Ph. D.'s.Manager, professor, accountant
126 to 131
5% above 125Any Ph. D. at 3rd-Tier SchoolsAttorney, editor, executive.
132 to 137
2% above 132No limitations.Eminent professor, editor
138 to 150
1% above 137No limitations.Leading math, physics professor
151 to 160
1 in 1,100 above 150No limitationsLincoln*, Copernicus*, Jefferson*
160 to 176
1 in 11,000 above 160No limitationsDescartes*, Einstein*, Spinoza*
177 to 200
1 in 1,000,000
above 176
No limitationsShakespeare*, Goethe*, Newton*

 Though the low IQ may get a job at McDonald's, they will be hard to train, and not worth much to their boss in ways of productivity or dependability. Thus the boss does well to replace them with a machine, as is already happening and scheduled to happen in mainly fastfood places.
minimum wage protest
 The more the mainly black employees of these fast food places demand a higher "living wage" (entitlement) -as you can see a video of here- the faster this switch over to robots will happen.  (As it is, the minorities get jobs they don't deserve thanks to Affirmative Action.)

". . .our media brethren have been persuaded that suddenly it’s the job of America’s burger joints to provide everyone with good pay and benefits. The result of their agitation will be more jobs for machines and fewer for the least skilled workers. . .This constant push to demand every job under the sun pay a living wage ignores the very real fact that not every worker brings enough to the table to justify one." For this reason, and the push for automation in this generation anyways, many restaurants are going toward replacing servers and cashiers. In fact by the year 2025 one third of workers are projected to be replaced by software and robots! Source Source

It's unfortunate that the poorest, lowest IQ and the young people will be most impacted by automation. But what can you do? It's survival of the fittest. The low IQ have been and always will be slaves of [the systems of] the high IQ. 

Whereas, the high IQ are able to be free to pursue their dreams and passions and to do the jobs of the future; as no machine will ever replace them. 

When we see other industrialized countries having a high minimum wage, we make the poor assumption that we in America could too. The problem is, while the girl in this picture below lives in an almost completely white (and consequently high IQ) Denmark, where the profitability of a McDonald's is consequently high. . .with the undependable, low IQ (who are mainly minorities) employees in America, the profitability would be so much lower, that they would likely go bankrupt if they raised the wage. (As they are showing signs of in places where they were forced to.) Outside of a white dominated south Africa, there isn't a single McDonald's in all of Africa for that reason!It's amazing when you find out how the rest of the industrialized nations live.  They are extremely profitable, yet their people have balanced lives, free college education, free health care, and the entire month of August off.

This brings me to another difference with the high IQ people, not brought up in my last post: they presume and blame poverty of the poor on all the wrong things. They believe the low IQ can just get a job and be like them if they try hard. So out of "tough love", sometimes a conservative will make memes like this one to the right.

The high IQ ones have difficulty understanding why those other people can't do as much as they do in the same amount of time, or don't do things as well as they "should".
They are usually unsatisfied by others, demanding, strict, judgmental and feel like they have to do things themselves if they want them to be done properly. Here is an example of the mindset of a high IQ (160) person:

“If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake.”
― Bill Gates

This has to do with a warped empathy that seeks to follow the golden rule, while treating others as they would want to be treated, if they were acting so "lazy and stupid". This is because they believe that everyone is as smart as them. They actually believe we would all be equal if we could just force the right circumstances, and teach people some character. Something that causes them to have a short fuse with idiots. Sadly, character is not something you can force, or really teach, IMHO, as it's mainly genetic.
Due to this empathy (which incidentally ties to your hormones, as I will show in future posts in this series) the high IQ people of all colors seek change through missionary type positions of authority to help raise the low IQ to their own level: economically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. Examples of this would be professions such as: humanitarians, social workers, counselors, pastors, missionaries, evangelists, teachers, professors, talk show hosts, nurses, doctors,  lawyers, politicians and even a president. . .
Though these jobs can be well paying, as the one above, they are also some of the lowest paying jobs! Which is why, though generally high IQ is linked with wealth, the truth is, high IQ individuals can be rich, poor or middle class. Lots of smart people go through times where they can't pay their bills and downsize, or start a second home based job, or have to claim bankruptcy, or live in with family. . .but you will rarely (if not never) see these people living in hotels, on the street, or in a filthy ghetto. Though they may go out on their own for their individual spiritual growth or to travel. . .these are exceptions though, like artists and creative types.

 There are many stories of people going from rages to riches, and it frequently happens to the smart (who have likely disowned or lost their family). Rarely do the stupid make any large amounts of money though. . .except in the case of adoption and inheritance, lotteries or getting picked for a big sports team.

High-IQ people tend to work for themselves, whether or not it is more lucrative to do so. This is because they usually dislike routine jobs, with predefined tasks and little space for creativity or intellectual challenge.

Given their individualism, the high IQ people rarely bear the authority of other people either, and are therefore more often self-made people, free-thinkers and entrepreneurs, rather than conventional academics or professionals employed by a company. (There goes the belief that if you are smart you will be college educated. Or if educated you will get a good job or become a millionaire.)

In fact, as more evidence of this, the highest educated population group in America are black woman right now, with a whopping half of them getting into and graduating college (a good part black ones)! For whatever reason (most claim is must be racism), these same woman have very low paying jobs and a high unemployment rate! (As well as a high rate of being single!) So education is not the magic pill some would have us believe that leads to equality for the races. Source

Many of these black woman seem to have the unrealistic hope (or are being told) that simply sitting in a chair to "get an education" will get you a good job. (I have read of teachers in Sub Sahara Africa noting the same mentality of those who come out of the schools there. Sadly, after 12 years, and not being able to read or count past 10, these kids expect to be a success in life as an "educated" person.) Sadly some of these black people are graduating at their segregated black colleges (estimated to be around 4th grade level by one of their teachers I have read, but according to the chart above, more like 8th grade), with no concept of what they were there to learn according to some. 

This inability to learn both in academic arenas and more hands on ones, is a longstanding problem for the blacks apparently, even as now, though their average IQ has risen with high rates of mixing. 

The difficulty for training them for hands on stuff is seen with the practice of massage therapy in America. In the past, due to empathetic doctors offering cheap or free schooling, and the work being hard and hot in bath houses, massage seemed a perfect fit for the newly freed and poverty stricken black girls.

So massage was turned over almost completely to low IQ poor black woman in public bath houses of the past. . .similar to what had been done in turkish and Egyptian baths.

 Now the white run massage schools of the past are of course blamed for training them unprofessionally/poorly (Just as schools and teachers are blamed for the drop out and illiteracy rate of the low IQ kids, as I spoke of in my second post in this series). Furthermore, due to their return to poverty, empathetic whites claimed the poor training had "forced the poor girls to resort to prostitution". . .turning all the public, black dominated spas into prostitution houses.

The whole industry nearly shut down and lost it's legitimacy due to the low IQ taking a dominant role in it. While (with the criminal checks, and high standards when it comes to sexual misconduct) it is now uncommon to see a black person certified and licensed in that field, many (low IQ) Asians have started up massage businesses in America. With mainly no certification or licensing, they are similarly known as body workers or masseuses, running basically prostitution houses.

 Much as I hate red tape and certification in order to do things some are just naturally gifted at, I now see that schools, licensing and certification are all ways the practice is protected as legitimate. . .and the low IQ are excluded.

A similar thing has happened in Midwifery, a black practice of the past. . .all the way back to Egypt!

It is also happening right now in the nursing home industry in America. Nursing homes are known to be abusive places to be in, with poorly trained NA's -nurses aides-. (In Canada it is much better, as they have a high standard for what they call RCA's and fewer minorities with a low IQ. . .)

Nursing homes are a very popular job of black woman right now. According to one study a few years back "A majority of NAs are 18-44 years old, and 89% are female. About half of them are members of a minority group. The median wage in 2004 was $10.09 per hour for NAs and $8.81 for HHAs-home health aides-, and some may have a high school diploma or less. Often, little or no formal career training is required to begin working."

(Frankly, I think that pay is more than fair for the quality of work I have seen from the minorities as a whole, considering their training is generally cheap or free! Incidentally, I have noticed these mostly because I have been informally trained as a Midwife, and formerly as both an RCA in Canada and now a massage therapist in the States.)

Black studies 3 Also high ranking for blacks is a degree in Social sciences, which as a profession is highly correlated with the low IQ and promiscuous living. . .who apparently often do not go on to find jobs, even though they manage to pass and get a masters in it.

Black studies is deemed social sciences, and is a farce. Only due to pressure from blacks and their riots have colleges put such programs into place. The blacks decide what gets taught, and who teaches it. If it doesn't suit their agenda, it is changed. If history doesn't put them in a good light, they claim someone else's history. (Now all debunked by DNA.) A quote from a member of the Afro-American Student Union said "We demand a program of “Black Studies,” a program that will be of and for black people. We demand to be educated realistically and that no form of education which attempts to lie to us, or otherwise miss-educate us will be accepted."

Those being indoctrinated in these black studies/ liberal arts programs are leading the country in civil rights and Afrocentric teaching in colleges. Looking at the list of 49 black social scientists and what they are doing, it is obvious that some of the worst race baitors come from this list.

As a University in Detroit says about this major "students enter into a wide variety of fields including politics and public policy, medicine and public health, law, media, the arts, education, and social services. They are activists in their community and the voice of diversity in the workplace."

The late Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael), as he addressed a Black Studies rally "back in the day."This miseducation and hate should not be allowed in any institute of learning period, but now it has spread to the most influential places in society! (All because the white colleges originally did not stand up to the squeaky wheels demanding the oil. . .if you know what I mean?)

The difference between getting an education. . .and having wisdom or even intelligence is huge.
Some wise people have said that the least likely to know how to think (and not what to think) are those indoctrinated in college. Mainly because they are under the belief that they or their teachers know more then everyone else and simply stop learning. I have personally seen this in all colors of people. I've also heard of many bosses that are more willing to train someone for many a job, rather then get a college grad because of some of those issues. And you do not have to be college educated to get a good job or become a millionaire.

I have issues with a lot of very educated people, as they tend to be both proud and arrogant.
Three studies have found that people who fall for investment scams are better-educated than the average person, but arrogantly don't seek advice, because they think they're immune to making mistakes.

In one study, researchers found that 94 percent of college professors think their work is superior to their peers'. They fail to realize that intelligence doesn't always translate to real-world ability, and thus they tend to overestimate the quality of their work. It seems to go back to the old saying about how the wisest man is the one who realizes he knows nothing. Source

Even high IQ people are not always wise people. 

There is a confusion with smart, educated and wise. . .few people seem to be more than one or two.

Wise people are teachable, and consider and look into new information from ANYONE. . .unlike the quote from the black man above that stated "no form of education which attempts to lie to us, or otherwise miss-educate us will be accepted."  Blacks also only accept studies from blacks who say things they like. (Any information that they don't like they deny.)
  Arrogance and unteachability is ignorance, whether or not the IQ is low.

I have conversed often with a man with an IQ off the charts (around 200) who has even taught classes on IQ. He has seen a pattern of many intelligent people acting as if they were the most intelligent, and being unteachable, due likely to being exposed to the majority who are less intelligent. He says that truly wise people learn like a sponge from anyone with new information, while often smart people cannot hardly be taught by anyone.

Arrogance, closemindedness and even confidence is a matter of one or more of these three things, IMO, pride/confidence (earned or not), an education and high testosterone, and while not all bad, high testosterone is linked with those with a low IQ. (Something I will get into in my next post.) 

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The correlations, associations and tendencies of smart people, Part 2

 What are some correlations with high IQ? 

According to this site and others I have researched, the high IQ person was statistically more likely to breastfed as a child, so leading scientists claim that breastmilk raises the IQ.

Though the raised IQ has naturally been attributed to the actual superior nutrition of the live milk vs. dead formula, it seems according to further study on the subject, it is more a choice smart and older moms make. According to studies, "Breastfed children do tend to score higher on intelligence tests, but they also tend to come from more advantaged backgrounds."

This ties into many other studies that make correlations, saying that children born :

- from a mother 30 years old or older

- in families with a higher socio-economic status

- in families with only a few children

- in families that play classical music

- in families with a lot of books at home, or who read to their children

-in bonded families where the children feel safe

-in families that eat more protein/meat.

-and families that eat healthy food

Will have a higher IQ and be smarter than those without these correlations.

While these do hint at connections, correlations simply do not equate with causation.

The evidence seems to show in the end, that all of those things of environment, have little to no effect on IQ. . .though they are correlated with it. 

"The role of family experience is now in serious dispute. Psychometric intelligence is a case in point. Do differences between children's family environments (within the normal range) produce differences in their intelligence test performance? The problem here is to disentangle causation from correlation. There is no doubt that such variables as resources of the home and parents' use of language are correlated with children's IQ scores, but such correlations may be mediated by genetic as well as (or instead of) environmental factors." Source
For more on this, check out this professor's talk.

Other correlated things like: Travelingeating chocolate, eating meat, nail biting, being homosexual or being left handed are also not going to make you smart. (Although I'm willing to attempt the first few.)

Many things are simply had or done by those who are smart. While there are many correlations with intelligence and behavior, some things are just silly and somewhat obvious in the big picture. Simply put, correlations that do not equal causation.

While I can explain away nearly everything claiming to help IQ as just correlations, there are a few possible ones that seem to actually help your brain. Healthy food (but is also more likely a correlation with intelligent behavior), and aerobic exercise, which increases your circulation.

 I have read and found in my personal experience the odds of things happening to and tendencies of the high and low IQ, a smattering of which are below:
(To skip them in detail, go to the end in red.)

"People with IQs between 75 and 90 are 88 times more likely to drop out of high school, seven times more likely to be jailed, and five times more likely as adults to live in poverty than people with IQs between 110 and 125. The 75-to-90 IQ woman is eight times more likely to become a chronic welfare recipient, and four times as likely to bear an illegitimate child than the 110-to-125-IQ woman."

It's not all peaches and cream to have a high IQ though. Getting into the brain of a smart person you may see they don't have it very easy in other ways. Check out this chart compiling many of the studies.
The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People

The higher the IQ, the higher the sense of individuality and the independence of mind. Exceptionally gifted people care (much) less about what other people think of them, and are less sensitive to praise, and even less to flattery.

Studies have shown that people with exceptionally high IQ tend to perform much worse then they are capable of academically as children, because they tend to not try and get bored too quickly during lessons. Also, they often couldn't care less about praise, rewards or bribery (what's so great about being praised by someone less intelligent than you, huh ?).

High IQ people often couldn't care less about being accepted socially, and are also unlikely to feel lonely. Maybe it is because they have a very heightened sense of "self". (In other words they come off as both geeky, eccentric, arrogant and self assured. . .consequently with not many friends.)

They feel pressured to openly say, preach or write what they think, especially when they hear something that conflicts with their beliefs, reasoning or knowledge. . .if they care about the people listening that is. (Concern pushes them to debate and correct people on the internet constantly, in their love of truth.) In fact, they often value truth, facts and logic more than friendships.

Gifted people only care about social conventions they agree with, and (harshly) criticize the others. They live in an inner world where anything that is not rational is wrong and should be changed. (i.e. religion.)
Their disregard for conventional thinking, combined with a creative and independent mind, often make them coin new words (often just for fun, to see the reaction of those who care about conventions), or use rare and big words.

Typical high-IQ people are constantly thinking about something. High IQ people are often worried about a problem, thinking about solutions...

They end up having little time and energy left (and little motivation) for ordinary chit-chat or life.

Because they are constantly thinking so deeply in "another world", they tend to be more forgetful of trivial things. (I.E. picture "The absent minded professor".) This is a biological difference in the way they think, in order to block out the trivial, so they can focus on the important, or their passion.

They have stronger individual interests than average ("passions" for some topics or activities, for instance, mine of origins and racial issues in connection with them.). Once they get into something, they want to know everything about it (which can make them look like geeks or freaks to ordinary average IQ folk). High IQ correlates strongly with exceptional concentration abilities.

High IQ people are quite stubborn until they know or understand how something works. High IQ children are known for always asking "why" questions, and never give up until they get a satisfactory answer.

One thing that normally irritates people with high IQ is asking them to explain something (often complex), then stop listening in the middle of their explanations. Exceptionally gifted people just can't understand why one would ask a question and not care about the answer, when they visibly do not understand that topic. For this reason, high IQ people are often irritated and have little patience for the people with lower IQ, or those with little knowledge of their topics of interest, or desire to learn about them.

High IQ children get irritated when they or an authority/ teacher has to constantly repeat what they say and cater to slower people. If it is a subject they are particularly interested in, they usually have learned everything by themselves beforehand, which can create conflicts with the authority/teacher. High IQ children or adults less socially minded, will publicly correct the authority or teacher's slightest mistake. That can be their way of showing that they shouldn't be sitting in that class in a humiliating position of inferiority, when they know as much or more than the one teaching them. (Making them either a teacher's pet, or a heckler!)

Exceptionally gifted people tend to be hyperactive, eat a lot and sleep a lot (because the brain uses so much energy), or on the contrary eat and sleep very little (these are exceptions, like Napoleon and Edison, probably due to a different metabolism).

As noted in the chart, studies show intelligent people stay up later, but living in a ghetto briefly, where the IQ was likely an average of 80, there was nonstop noise of domestic fights and cops through the wee hours of the morning. . .so I don't believe that one is true of all groups personally. . .

It is inconceivable to a high IQ person to be mediocre. They are born perfectionists (for what they care about). A sign of perfectionism and thus high IQ, is nail biting. Due to passions in few areas, high IQ people are often "discouraged perfectionists" for everything else, leading to a high rate of depression.

Other negative associations with high IQ as stated in the chart are: substance abuse.

"British scientists published the results of a long-term study showing that smart people were more likely to be drunks. They found the same link between high intelligence and psychoactive drug use. It also turns out that intelligent people are much more likely to indulge in illicit substances such as marijuana, Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin. I think of Sherlock Holmes and his drug habit, and others especially in Hollywood. . ."

"One theory explaining the link between substance abuse and intelligence is that both alcohol and drugs are novel substances, in evolutionary terms. Humans have been consuming alcohol for only about 10,000 years, or around the biblical timeline. . . So when something is novel, the curiouser and most intelligent among us are more likely to want to try it out."

Also high IQ people are just plain unhappy and cynical people. 

Although the jury is still out on them being unhappy, if it is true, I can guess their reasons would fall around these lines. . .

Often unhappy and cynical people are suspected to be that way and going for the alcohol and drugs to forget their misery, due to not having God in their heart.

In reality though, it's more likely a sign that they have thought very deeply about God, and consequently rejected the mainstream thoughts about him.

Freethinking, high IQ people are highly correlated with Atheism and heretical disbelief in religion. . .while religiousness and dogma correlates with lower IQ

Consequently, these are the states with the lowest average IQs.

Interestingly, the more conservative churches are, the lower the average IQ in the studies (not true of cults, but definitely more common independent churches in my experience), while politically conservative people have a higher IQ than liberals in other studies.

Religion is also correlated with wealth, because those who are wealthy are also those who have a higher IQ. 

"High g [or IQ] individuals will gravitate towards atheism or science, will discard supernatural phenomena, and will learn fast and prosper. Average g individuals will find one of several moderate liberal denominations more to their taste, will display average learning, and will accordingly assume an intermediate socio-economic standing. Low g individuals will to submit to one of the many dogmatic denominations, will be slow learners, and will attain a low socio-economic status that accord with their limited cognitive
complexity and closed mind. " Source

This map shows the wage correlated with IQ around the world.

A recent article in Psychological Science revealed that in a study of 90 countries, the "intelligence of the people, particularly the smartest 5 percent, made a big contribution to the strength of their economies."
Source (What does that say about the ones with a low IQ, and the effect on the world economy?)

 Take a look back at that first map of the religiosity and thus IQ of the different US states, and knowing what population lives there, do you see why the property values are now near to those found in 3rd world countries? That land is worth much less not because the property is dry, too wet, ugly, too cold or too hot. . .it's worth much less ONLY because the economy is bad, due to the IQ being lowered by the blacks from the time of slavery, because yes, IQ differs between races. . .

As well as between continents. . .this representing the original inhabitant's IQ.

"The Bell Curve by Richard Lynn's (1991) first brought these studies to the public. Since then an African IQ of 70 has been confirmed in at least three studies since, each of which used Raven's Progressive Matrices, a test regarded as an excellent measure of the non-verbal component of general intelligence and one not bound by culturally specific information. Kenneth Owen (1992) found it (a mean IQ of 70) in a sample of over 1,000 South African 13-year-olds, Fred Zin v,mm di (1994), a Black Zimbabwean, found it in a study of 12- to 14-year olds in Zimbabwe, and Richard Lynn (1994a) found it in a study of Ethiopian immigrants to Israel."

25 African nations have IQs lower than 70! The average of the lowest 24 is 66, which were the places the slaves mainly came from. . . so the IQ of blacks brought to the Americas as slaves was an average of 70. (With the exception of the Igbo -mixed hebrew- tribe that came mainly as indentured servants.) IF the IQ of the offspring of mixed race parents is a simple average, and since American blacks have 20% Caucasoid genes whose ancestor's IQs were around 100, THEN we'd expect American blacks to have an average IQ of 76 (borderline retarded). And in fact charts show close to that when tested in mass as a race.
Whites peeking in the 100 range, while blacks peek at about 80.

(As a note of interest, Koko the Gorilla's IQ was 85, being in a constant learning atmosphere. . .)

This level of black mental disability is consistent with the performance of mostly or all black cities like Washington, DC, Detroit, New Orleans, and Gary, Indiana. . .one of which Bill O-Reilly has compared to caveman levels of achievement, and scores like they were guessing.

This is highly correlated with, and confirmed by other tests in schools, finding the Blacks to be consistently at the far bottom when tested by the average. (Note, this is science of averages, not what your college educated black friend's IQ is.) Source Source

 And this is taking into account that DNA sites now say that 80% of African Americans are a mix with European, while only 5% of whites are a mix.

While the mix in "passing whites" accounts for a whopping .5% of Sub Saharan African, the average African American is much more mixed! (Raising their IQ considerably from their natural level.)

* According to Family Tree, the average African American is 72.95 percent sub-Saharan African, 22.83 percent European and 1.7 percent Native American.

* According to, the average African American is 65 percent sub-Saharan African, 29 percent European and 2 percent Native American.

* According to, the average African American is 75 percent sub-Saharan African, 22 percent European and only 0.6 percent Native American.

 Integration with the original pure (nearly extinct now) aboriginals or Africans is now known to be the cause of lower average IQ scores in mostly the Southern states of America, as well as the rest of the mixed world.

Since we are dealing with mainly mixed genes from different evolutionary origins now though, we are better off dealing in the abstracts like the correlations and tendencies, so we don't have to judge based solely off of color. 

So just in case you need a refresher:

to sum up, all of the tendencies of the low IQ are these: 

  • poor or on welfare
  • raised in unsafe environments
  • likely to be in jail
  • uneducated, highschool drop outs
  • have a supervised learning style  
  • From abusive homes 
  • raised in large families 
  •  born to young single moms who they did not bond with.
  • likely to bear an illegitimate child
  • Not breastfed, read to, or exposed to good classical and calming music, or expose their own child to such.
  • Highly religious and superstitious, but with little actual sexual or morality according to jail rates.
  • they follow the crowd
  • Are nearly never self employed.
  • Are carefree and not aware enough of their situation to be depressed or on antidepressants.
  • Found predominantly in parts of the world with dark coloring, pockets of America that are integrated with those same cultures, and individuals who are also of mixed ancestry, but may not look it. . .color alone being a poor indication of your mixed ancestry.
  • Odds are great that they will have dark skin

And the high IQ individual's tendencies are:

  • They are often if not mainly wealthy. 
  • Educated sometimes, but self motivated, surrounded with books, homeschooled and able to get into college if they want to. 
  • From functional families and two parent homes, often neither divorced.
  • From mothers who are by average 30
  • from small families
  • from well bonded families by average
  • raised in a safe environment
  • raised in families that eat more protein/meat
  • Breastfed, fed or eat mainly healthy food.
  • Read to and read a lot.
  • Often drawn to classical or other intelligent music.
  • Rarely want to be employed by a company and are often entrepreneurs.
  • Not likely to be jailed.
  • Tendency to reject superstitions and religion.
  • Tendency to depression and worrying.
  • High sense of morality, not dictated by the crowd.
  • Civil and behaved, but sometimes see no point in rules put in place for idiots, and will speak out.
  • Found predominantly in places of the world with light skin; lighter skin in a population (not individual) always correlates with the highest IQ in it.
  • odds are great they have white skin
All these things are not just slightly correlated, like many of the others studies stated before, they are a highly likely tendency of a brilliant or at least smart person. Sadly for liberals and humanists, IQ and it's many associations and correlations totally discredit Egalitarianism the Belief that all people were created equal. In fact it would beg the question, "Were blacks not presumed to be equal or even called human before they mixed anciently?" No doubt the only reason that belief in equality ever showed up, was mixed black people.

Integration (resent in white civilizations and ancient in African ones) has caused much confusion and desire for fairness and equality for blacks. . .all because of mixed individuals of all colors who do not acknowledge or know about their mixed ancestry. (The mixed ones are the beautiful, smart and dark -highly selected for in Africa- mixed North Africans who differ in everything from blood, teeth, IQ and outward features from the Sub Saharan Africans, being one side of the confusion. . . and the stupid white -rejected in white culture- mixed rednecks, being another classic example of mixed individuals who confuse the issue. Source)

I hope this can clarify for the entitled that it's not about racism or prejudice when one race doesn't get the privileges, the jobs, opportunities and equality that are open to all in America, the land of the free. . . It's simply a sign they have low IQ. (Something I will get into more in my next post called: The difference between intelligence and education in the workforce. Part 3)