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Stuff no one dares tell you about oxytocin. Part 8

 Let's jump right in from the last post. So in my last post, the 7th in this series on IQ, I showed how your success in life depends on not just intelligence, but things like morality/spirituality.

As discussed, our hormones control this at least to some extent, but even these seem moderated by our IQ. So high testosterone for instance can be a precursor to immoral and violent behavior, but mainly when paired with low IQ. (High IQ paired with high testosterone is linked with millionaires and CEOs) So its hard to say "what came first, the chicken or the egg?" In other words, what is the cause of the behavior, the low IQ or the high testosterone?

Another hormone that seems even more closely tied with morality is Oxytocin.

Reported by the Los Angeles Times,"Experiments have explored the role of one [hormone] called oxytocin — which one researcher calls the "moral molecule.""

"Now that we've entered the annual season of "goodwill toward men," it seems like an excellent time to consider oxytocin. . ."

"Oxytocin is secreted by the pituitary gland, and it has effects on regions of the body of a type that you memorize for a final exam and then promptly forget. But oxytocin also gets into the brain, where it affects behavior."
"Oxytocin, this molecule that’s classically associated with child birth and breastfeeding, is released in all kinds of settings in which humans have positive social interactions. . ."
Oxytocin is not just released in woman during a birth, as it says above, but with contractions and a vaginal birth. In fact the way you birth is very important for success in breastfeeding and bonding and being a good mother due to this release they say. . .or it could simply be a correlation.

There are artificial substitutes made for this hormone too, but given in labor at least, it seems to be ineffective for some things, but effective for others.

 "Artificial oxytocin – pitocin – given to induce and/or augment labor does cause contractions and yet it does not function in the body the way our natural oxytocin does. Artificial oxytocin does not promote feelings of well being nor does it promote bonding or breastfeeding. As a matter of fact, it impedes these processes."

Due possibly to all the times woman have their oxytocin raised, they clearly have more Oxytocin then men. In fact, the female hormone Estrogen has been found to increase the secretion of oxytocin as well as the expression of its receptor in the brain.

So woman naturally act more loving, moral/spiritual and bond more easily apparently thanks to oxytocin. Seriously! I'm not making this stuff up just because I happen to be a woman. . .

 So not sure if the behavior makes the raised levels alone, or the behavior shows up in those with it raised. but either way, if a particular woman was chock full of Oxytocin, barring physical issues, she would consequently have a high libido, be able to nurse her babies easily, and theoretically also have an efficient labor and easy birth. Theoretically she could even have a condition where the uterus contracts a lot during pregnancy, called an irritable uterus. . .as oxytocin is said to cause uterine contractions. Sonot to brag, but I have an unusually high libido, I nursed 5 children easily until at least their 1st or 2nd birthday, had easy home births and had this uterus condition,. SI have no doubt that I am chock full of Oxytocin. (Something you might want to keep in mind for later.)

In fact, high Oxytocin is also a sign of a good and nurturing mother. . . again, not to brag, but this is well known as true of numerous species, not just humans.  Bonobos being higher oxytocin then chimps no doubt, as they are much better mothers.

The Los Angeles Times put it this way when reporting on the science:
". . .oxytocin promotes maternal behavior in rodents. Pump up a new mother mouse with oxytocin and she grooms her infants more. Block a mouse's oxytocin system in the brain with some genetic engineering and she becomes less maternal. In rodent species that form long-term, monogamous pair bonds, oxytocin promotes formation of those bonds. And oxytocin doesn't just work on rodents: It has all sorts of "pro-social" effects in humans as well."

Being willing to breastfeed, or being willing to care for a child you had not planned on having (without aborting it), as well as being a good mom is based on bonding and love. . .all from oxytocin levels.

Past birthing, maternal and nurturing behavior though, Oxytocin gives males or females trust and the ability to forgive. (Two key elements in morality.)

 "Spritz oxytocin up people's noses (when they don't know if they are getting the hormone or a placebo) and they become more trusting and forgiving."

"In economic games requiring players to choose whether to cooperate or to be cutthroat, oxytocin promotes cooperationSubjects watching video clips of a supposed politician trusted the person more when given oxytocin."

Oxytocin induces all sorts of good behavior:

1. pro-social behavior – willingness to help people out, hospitality to strangers, acts of compassion.

2. cognitive empathy – capacity to see things from another person’s perspective and to understand how he or she feels.

3. emotional empathy – capacity not only to understand how another person feels but also to experience those feelings involuntarily and to respond appropriately. Failure to help a person in distress can trigger a self-destructive sequence: anguish, depression, suicidal thoughts.

Morality really comes down to empathy, and researchers at Berkeley say that high testosterone may cause low empathy! (That is likely just a correlation, not a causation. . .as both are found in a certain group of people. . .)

They say testosterone inhibits empathy, and as mentioned even in my past post, high testosterone is also linked with selfish and violent behavior when paired with low IQ. Here's the kicker though: high testosterone starts in the womb, due to it being in the mother or father and is genetic, as I mentioned in a past post on the sex hormones

It has now also been found that blood levels of oxytocin are highly heritableThus we see children with little empathy come from parents with similarly lacking empathy. Scientists admit to this in their usual backhanded way by saying. . .

 "Even infants and toddlers show signs of empathy, and try to help people in distress. When babies hear other babies crying, they cry in sympathy. However, if children have been abused or live in tense households they may be hostile to people who are suffering."

In other words, much as scientists may want to sugar coat it to be politically correct, bad parents (due to low oxytocin), make for "hostile" or bad children, bullies create bullies. . .and it's simply genetic! (Making exception for recessive behavior due to racial mixing.)

Low oxytocin creates immoral behavior, while high oxytocin nearly guarantees moral behavior based on empathy.

Knowing that high testosterone lowers Oxytocin, and it differs racially, and c-section rates, abortion rates and giving up children to adoption and fostering also differ wildly between races. Other evidences of racial differences are poor parenting behavior (including nursing stats), marriage and divorce stats which all point to racial differences in Oxytocin. Scientists have found there to be different levels of Oxytocin in not just individuals, but the race they fall into, but only by average. Some claiming black who are more white, like Obama. (And act more white)

Oxytocin has, like testosterone, only been studied for it's health implications. . .not to look for behavioral differences in people groups, which would never be funded, as it is politically incorrect to even think there are racial differences!!  

So because of the hormone being abundant in a more physically restrained/controlled people of group, oxytocin is implicated in it's ability to relieve pain. And lacking oxytocin is said to cause more sensitivity to it.(Another correlation, but not causation.) 

"reduced oxytocinergic function may be one of multiple biological factors contributing to the greater sensitivity to experimental ischemic pain, and to the greater burden of some types of clinical pain experienced by African Americans compared with Whites."
Under the guise of health studies, I have found many studies of racial differences regarding pain sensitivity.

"We found 472 studies investigating ethnic group differences and pain. . . The majority of studies included comparisons between African Americans (AA) and non-Hispanic Whites (NHW). There were consistently moderate to large effect sizes for pain tolerance across multiple stimulus modalities; AA demonstrated lower pain tolerance." 
(This is something any Labor and Delivery doctor or nurse will attest to. . .)

(On a personal note: while in a doctor's office my son and I heard a patient in the next room literally howling, and my 8 year old son said it sounded just like a monkey screeching. . .but we both knew that it was a black woman getting a shot. . .as it was literally all they did in that room.)

Technically, blacks may SAY they have more pain on a pain scale, or react loudly to the same pain, but I believe this is better explained by a more passionate and low impulse control response, due to racially high testosterone levels, which also brings distrust of their caregivers.

 High testosterone levels are evidenced in more aggression and fear, while having less bonding with others and consequently less support. All of the above they have connected to feeling more pain, but these could simply be correlations with dark people from low socio economic statuses. (SES)

(In other words, the push for more support from partners and doulas in labor in order to attain greater pain relief may actually be a red herring, and it may actually impede pain relief as it distracts more than allows the mother to focus. . .which is what nearly all mothers in nature seek out.)

Furthermore, high Oxytocin and low testosterone are both tied to high IQ and white genes, while low Oxytocin and high testosterone are tied to a low IQ and black genes.

 Another way of putting it is the more testosterone you have, the less Oxytocin you will likely have, consequently, according to the chart, you will tend to hypo-mentalize. (A politically correct way of saying you will not be able to think intelligently, apparently.)
The "un-patriotic liberal" meme

So from my research I have concluded that both hypomentalizing or low IQ, as well as"immoral" behavior both stem partially from the high testosterone black genes (as proven in my post on the sex hormones), the rest of the immorality stems from the low Oxytocin (also black) genes. 

To deny or hide (out of political correctness or bias) the biological basis for behavior, and IQ is typical of intelligent liberals though. Unfortunately most people (like in this picture) will presume they are stupid for denying the obvious, but there are actual physiological causes for this denial of the facts by otherwise intelligent people. . .this I will get into next.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you have what it takes to succeed in life? (Other types of IQ) Part 7

 Often when discussing the topic of IQ with liberal, guilt ridden and sensitive people (of any color) I will hear how inaccurate IQ is for determining success. Actually they do have a good point when they say that IQ really isn't everything! (As I mentioned in my post called "The problems with intelligence testing and their many confusing correlations. Part 1", there are problems with just taking a narrow view of what makes a person successful.)

 I would have to say that up until now though, my entire series on the subject of IQ (From correlations with intelligence intelligence vs. education, correlations with IQ and hormonal levels moderating behavior, the link with obesity and it's link to low IQ, as well as adding emotional quotients or EQ as a marker of success) has ended pretty badly for the dark and overall low IQ races, especially the blacks. 

In fact, liberals and their perpetual propaganda of equal rights (based on forced fairness and racial equality, as well as a misunderstanding of the intentions of the constitution. . .) seem pretty much left without excuse, when you take science like DNA into count especially. (Meaning all the exceptional and high IQ or successful dark people are mixed with white.)

 While Liberals and the scientists in their back pockets love to claim that "Cognitive and social skills are not fixed at birth, that they are not solely genetically determined, and that they can be enhanced". . . Source

When it gets down to it, This just simply is not true. Genetics do determine everything. . .if you are a purebred white, or black person, just as is the case with dog breeds. (The confusion comes from all the bi-racial "mutts" of the world.) 
A poodle will always act like a poodle, and a boxer will always act like a boxer, unless they are a mix like the picture here. Some in the litter may only look like one parent, while acting like the other, as opposed to this obvious mix. Anything goes with behavior and looks with mixed breeds. . .same thing for races. 

The blacks of the world have highly selected for white genes, even when the whites are long gone, or a mixed black just moved in. Consequently, due to the nature of selection for "good" genes, there are very few unmixed blacks in the world now. . .resulting in skin conditions like this, and any IQ or behavior.
On the other hand, only 5% of white looking people are a mix with African blood in them. . .most being found in redneck areas or places in Europe known for poverty or violence. (As I have discussed in a post here.)

Back to the topic though; as liberals love to point out, besides intelligence and emotional quotients (two inherently white race characteristics -that surface also in mixed people) there are other things that measure your chance to succeed in a "white man's world".

I.Q. isn't everything. Watch Professor Heckman's speech from the White House Summit on Early Education here:

To quote a Forbes article: "instead of exclusively focusing on your conventional intelligence quotient, you should make an investment in strengthening your EQ (emotional), MQ (Moral), and BQ (Body). These concepts may be elusive and difficult to measure, but their significance is far greater than IQ. . .A person with less education who has fully developed their EQ, MQ, and BQ can be far more successful than a person with an impressive education who falls short in these other categories."

(Conveniently, there are tests like this one to diagnose which one of the EQ, MQ, and BQ you excel in!)

As stated in one of my posts here, an education is not meaningless, but it gives little advantage to those without both an average to high IQ, and other traits as well. . .meaning, an education for the majority of minorities in this country is a waste of tax dollars, and only raising expectations of these poor people. It is simply an exercise in competing for status and equality. . .when there is none. 

So being unable to keep up and feeling forced to comply with standards of intelligence and conduct of the less aggressive white kids, the dark kids will predominantly be made to feel shamed and inferior. Causing a high rate of drop outs and frustration.

 Take away the integration though and it is even worse for black kids! The pointlessness of an education for most blacks is seen clearly in the schools in the least mixed blacks, in Sub Sahara Africa. Only from pressure and charity from white countries do most more pure areas of Africa even have schools, as none of the countries can afford the schools on their own.

Back to the topic of different quotients needed for success though. 

My last post dealt with EQ, the one before dealt with BQ (by way of obesity) so we will deal with Moral quotent, or MQ next.

"MQ [often called spiritual quotient or SQ] directly follows EQ as it deals with your integrity, responsibility, sympathy, and forgiveness. . . Keeping commitments, maintaining your integrity, and being honest are crucial to moral intelligence."

In fact, MQ or SQ doesn't just follow EQ, mixed with IQ, EQ IS SQ! 

 Moral (MQ) or spiritual IQ (SQ), according to my research for a past post, is controlled predominately (but not completely) by a chemical called testosterone, which influences how selfish, likely to lie, likely to want revenge, as well as how committed to relationships you are. . .although it's negative aspects seem to be moderated by a high IQ.

As I've already discussed testosterone levels, which differ dependent on your race (as seen clearly in my 4th post of this series), let's get into another hormone that seems to control the rest of the moral/spiritual behavior, next. . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Don't worry, IQ isn't everything. . . being civil is. Part 6

Let's talk about being civil, which started in the cradle of civil-ization. (That really must have been the origin of intelligence as well, if anywhere!)

 I feel I should sum up what you may have missed in this series thus far: According to my last post "More than you probably want to know about Obesity and it's tie to low IQ part 5". . .

"The origin of modern man, with a high intelligence, which brought civilization (and thanks to very differently evolved gut bacteria), the ability to eat a new diet of meat, grains and dairy (brought from the "heavens" by the "gods" according to legend), is thus connected with all the traits of the people who also fit all the tendencies and traits of the high IQ people mentioned in my second post on IQ. (White people.) While blacks and their genes and gut stuff cause obesity."

When blacks eat the diet of white civilization, being vegetarian hunter gatherers, unable to digest the meats and fat in particular (unless very mixed with white genes from the Neanderthal), they get fat.

Blacks need a different diet in numerous ways. They have low iron needs, and don't need the red meat like whites do. This is also tied to the bloodtype origins, like O and RH- , said to have started with modern behavior, and yet the Neanderthals had it. . .

This diet is also seen weakly in the connection with the diet "eat right for your (blood) type", which says the O bloods (who started with whites, according to my research) need more meat, while the others need very little. Due to high selection for white genes, but dominant color from African genes, it is rather inaccurate though.

A point of humor here: Blacks actually have high lycopene needs, or they suffer from prostate cancer. This is why they crave watermelon, which has 40% more lycopene then raw tomatoes! Yes, the "racist" stereotype below is both accurate, and has a reason. . .fried chicken less so I'm guessing. . .but who knows!

Back to the topic at hand though. . .The race that fits all these other traits, also had the ability to be industrious and work with creativity and innovation, like shown in my third post on IQ came with civilization as well.

 Not surprisingly, these people of civilization also had (and still have) low testosterone levels by average (the supposed lowering of which -from the high level found in blacks- was also believed to have brought with it the ability to be civilized, peaceful and monogamous) as seen in my post here on IQ and testosterone.

There is yet more evidence of civilization's origin through language and religion (which clearly connects to a migration of the white race as well. . .which I have blogged on, and there is much info online about already.)

 Religions, as evolved and misunderstood as they are, all tie back to some pretty basic foundational stories and tenets, like the golden rule.

The ability to be moral or spiritual, also known as "godly" (due to it being apparently like God's nature to be such) is also tied to high IQ. This is why historically the religious leaders have always been the top dogs in society. Actually, morality and spirituality are biologically tied to the Adamic race. . . which is unquestionably the white race, as seen in my post here.

Many will hate me for this, but the truth is, that even today there are many angles of proving that morality, the golden rule, and ultimately religion originally stemmed from the white race. The most convincing way to prove this of course would be to use science. So I will!

First, is there a connection with high IQ and spirituality? Yes, but this is not to say religion. . .as the exact opposite is true.

In my post of testosterone I already showed a link between high impulse control and monogamous behavior with high IQ people, which would indicate moral. . .but there are numerous aspects of morality/spirituality. Some would call this behavior just being healthy emotionally, or having high Emotional Intelligence.

The term emotional intelligence encompasses the following five characteristics and abilities:

1. Self-awareness--knowing your emotions, recognizing feelings as they occur, and discriminating between them
2. Mood management--handling feelings so they're relevant to the current situation and you react appropriately
3. Self-motivation--"gathering up" your feelings and directing yourself towards a goal, despite self-doubt, inertia, and impulsiveness
4. Empathy--recognizing feelings in others and tuning into their verbal and nonverbal cues
5. Managing relationships--handling interpersonal interaction, conflict resolution, and negotiations

There is no doubt that religion and it's accountability and indoctrination play a huge part in most of these things. . .so a religious person could theoretically have a slight edge. . .except with empathy, which people can't be forced to put on.

Research in brain-based learning suggests that we need emotional intelligence because a good emotional health is fundamental to effective learning and being humble and teachable, as well as having control over your impulses and moods, something religion is suppose to teach, but are all unlikely if not impossible with a high testosterone! (As discussed in my post on that.)

They say we need to be teachable and be able to learn, in order to be a being a success in life. . .

And thus, according to the pros:
"People who have developed [or have] their emotional intelligence enjoy more success in every area of life: social, emotional, physical, and financial." 
 (Or is that just a correlation, not the causation. . .?)

Test your emotional intelligence here or here. Here are some tips to work on it from other sites. 9 things emotionally intelligent people won't do.

Unfortunately, emotional intelligence is highly genetic, and tied to our white testosterone levels for one. Frankly, just like a regular IQ, with emotional IQ there are obvious racial differences even with all the admixture in the blacks. A 2014 study stated lower measured emotional intelligence for Blacks than for Whites.

"One aspect of emotional intelligence is delayed gratification. . . For instance if you gave a dog a choice of eating a sausage now or eating ten in one hour, it would eat the one now, due to a lack of emotional intelligence. Another aspect is a sense of right and wrong in that someone would do the right thing even if there was no chance of being caught, whereas someone lacking emotional intelligence would commit all kinds of crimes if they knew they wouldn't be caught. These two lacks of emotional intelligences are why negroes riot and pillage/loot in their own neighborhoods at the slightest excuse. The lack of delayed gratification is why they destroy their own neighborhoods instead of others."

Low impulse control, tied to high testosterone, also leads to uncontrolled and risky spending habits. . . and ultimately poverty. This is seen in the many low IQ lottery winners, and sports players who after making millions every year, go on to bankruptcy in only a few years. (This being common in any black sport!)

There are studies on children that show that the more the child was able to delay their gratification for a marshmallow, holding out for two (called the marshmallow test on youtube) the higher their IQ. Others that show that those who delay sexual gratification, have a higher IQ. This correlation is unknowingly and repeatedly pushed on people as a reason to hold out for marriage and not to be promiscuous, due to the best marriages being with those who do. As seen in another test on impulse control with high IQ children here.

 So undoubtedly a high IQ is linked with a high EQ, although there are exceptions no doubt. The opposite (low impulse control and instant sexual gratification with the low IQ) is seen daily, mainly in the dark people. . . here are some noteworthy examples.

Is it a low IQ in the African brain, or something deeper we wonder? In fact, as I will explain later  in a future post, there are always biological reasons for behavior, and they stem from the brain.

 "Impulse control is related to the development of the frontal lobe of the brain. Lack of development means lack of impulse control. Natural impulse control varies based on race because skulls are normally different. [Unless very mixed]. . ."

"Lack of impulse control contributes to higher crime of a race.  

Sub-Saharan African DNA contributes for a lack of impulse control as seen in frequent rioting of African and Middle Eastern people who have some of this DNA. Be it rioting of immigrants in Europe or in the USA every time they perceive a social injustice (e.g. George Zimmerman)."  As confirmed in all of the studies, "more intelligent races have better impulse control.

Consequently the blacks naturally have a higher level of crime in their community, and towards those foolish enough to be around them. (Mostly black on black crime thankfully, due to white flight.) This crime has little to do with how we treat them, although it does necessitate us catering to them as children.

It also has little to do with what they have, although there is a correlation with more control when there is more money, as the one is evidence of the other, as having a high IQ may help to moderate the low impulse control a bit.

Their crime and low impulse control is also not due to their extremist religion. Their religions and traditions evolved from their nature, just as the whites religion has evolved to be more passive and tolerant as a result of their humanitarian and empathetic nature.

This crime (as I have explained in another post on the genetics reasons for violence) is not completely universal or evident on the surface with the dark races, but due to these biological and genetic traits, which the blacks have slowly evolved to and selected for, it really is inevitable. Sadly, it is like with dog breeds; it would be as foolish as expecting a Rottweiler to act like a Labrador to presume a black will act civil like a white person. . .the originator of all civilization according to all the science.

The real question is, with all the admixture and integration in the world, what can we do about it? (I have a funny feeling, if the truth gets out, the smart blacks will have something to say about all of this, and the rights of poor blacks to procreate on the tax dollar. . .)

Stay tuned, there is more about this subject though!