Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Pathological Altruism, Animal Rescue and Morality

Another aspect of excessively high Oxytocin levels is peoples exaggerated concern for the welfare of animals, another aspect of pathological altruism.
“Animal hoarders” are another example of pathalogical altruism (PA). They fill their houses with “rescued” pets. . ."
"Together, these definitions are an almost perfect description of white liberal attitudes towards non-whites". Some other examples are White guilt and Holocaustianity."

"Large race differences were reported between Blacks and Whites in the US by a 1984 study which stated that "Race results suggested a comparative lack of interest in, and concern and affection for animals among nonwhites."

"A theory about the origins of PA is that it can be seen as the result of an excessively female brain. Women are more likely than men to be co-dependents and have eating disorders. . .Girls are more compliant than boys, better behaved, and more eager to please. They are better able to figure out the needs of others."

"They are politically more “liberal,” and more likely to think that an important function of government is to take care of people. Low levels of testosterone in the womb during fetal development is associated with higher levels of empathy in both sexes."
"There is very strong evidence that altruistic behavior is under genetic control. The genetic abnormality ["the only known group of people who show no racial bias"] has been called “the pathology of overfriendliness,” and people who suffer from it are excessively trusting and sympathetic. . .[likely to be taken advantage of.]

". . .people of different ethnicities and religions have different levels of guilt and show different levels of altruism."
Here's the real kicker though: It is traced to certain white genes. These are seen in whites but also Asians, who are less studied, but have high admixture anciently. 

"In a new book called Pathological Altruism, found that Asian nations, including China, Japan and Korea tended to have higher proportions of the “collectivist” gene  in their population. The key questions are: how can one gene have such an effect? And why should it spread in some populations and not others? Chiao suggests that the version predominating in Asian populations is associated with heightened anxiety levels and increased risk of depression. She adds that such populations respond by structuring their society to ward off those negative effects. The success of such social structures would then ensure that the gene would spread."

So genetics play a part, but what about the actual chemicals they release, or the parts of the brain that do it? 

"The amygdala, anterior temporal cortex, and insula are parts of the brain involved in sensing the pain of others. Psychopaths [and blacks] have less brain matter in these locations than normal [white] people, and it may be that people with more brain matter in these areas have a tendency towards PA."

The neurotransmitter serotonin appears to alter moral judgment, making people less willing to offend others, while oxytocin increases sociability and trusting—within the group. "

"Depleted serotonin levels have been put forward as the biological basis for impulsive behavior patterns, and there is some evidence to support this - low serotonin has been linked to unprovoked aggressive behavior towards others, type II alcoholism, and greater risk-taking and aggression in non-human primates."

As I have said before and as seen above, trust is associated with oxytocin, and found in high amounts in whites, which leads to the ability to make civilization, as said in my last post.

With low serotonin linked to aggression, as is high testosterone, according to my studies, that would also point strongly to black genes causing low levels.  In fact though, it seems due to racially different allelic receptor or serotonin transporter genes (Or serotonin sensitivity, just like with testosterone), we see blacks as having higher levels. While they see in both primates and humans that the poor mothers, and abusive genetics produce the lowest serotonin levels in monkeys and people, you can't equate correlation with causation. It seems to be species or race wide. . .except for admixture causing confusion.

So more testosterone, low Serotonin and low Oxytocin, all coming from black genes, predisposes people to be less empathetic, immoral and aggressive. While too much of the latter makes feminine males or females to be liberal and empathetic, to their detriment and often in excess.

 It is sadly, but this very empathy of whites that allows civilization within our group, is the very undoing of it when in a multicultural society!

In the Descent of man, Charles Darwin discussed this relaxation of natural selection; As human societies became more civilized, he noted that they became increasingly more sympathetic and compassionate to their weak members. He admitted that this seemed ethically right, but involved a huge genetic cost! As those surviving and reproducing would have otherwise died.

 Darwin admitted that natural selection had no play in civilization, nor would we like it if it did. . .but due to the large number of children of "the scum" of society, there is little hope for the world. 

So Oxytocin induced empathy is not all good, in fact if I were to say white's had an Achilles heel, or as the article above called it, "an evolutionary mistake", it is empathy for the minorities and defective ones. This is why even the Republicans can't do what is needed about immigration laws that are ruining civilization! Thankfully Donald Trump, being your typical high IQ, socially inept, out of the box thinker, is willing to be politically incorrect and stand up for civilization!! Somebody needs to, as the dumbing down of civilization with it's darkening is the main cause of the death or destruction of it.

This is due to stupidity being downright dangerous!

“Dumb people are sort of automatically dangerous, just on account of being dumb and for no other reason. In other words, stupidity is dangerous. "

"As IQ declines, prefrontal functioning is increasingly impaired. A person with a slow prefrontal cortex is often less moral than one with a prefrontal cortex in good shape. . .when IQ drops down below 100 towards the 85-90 range in any [mixed] race, people seem to become less moral and sociopathic, manipulation, violence and exploitative behavior. . . increase."

 The low IQ people of the world, with small pre-frontal cortexes are predominantly dark. (As I will show you in another post.) So it's not a case of pre-frontal functioning being increasingly impaired with a low IQ, and causing immoral behavior, it just started that way in blacks!

"You start seeing a lot more theft, even just petty theft. A person with an IQ in that range will come over to your place and steal $5. Or a bag of chips. Or borrow $5 and refuse to pay it back."

"This sort of thing really infuriates a lot of Whites because it seems so chickenshit. I always thought that if you are going to steal something, make it a good haul."

A good example of this was the Michael Brown incident and anyone who owns or has managed a convenience store or gas station can tell you this happens all the time. Blacks regularly steal "little things'. My ex-husband and I managed four of these types of stores and saw it first hand. The police rarely do anything as they are overwhelmed already and such petty crime is just not a priority, unless the perpetrator is caught in the act.

You might say that the dependency on foreign aid has become a sort of "theft" from developed nations. In fact we in the west are working as slaves to support parasites who have no incentive to better themselves, or no potential. Understandably, many people are becoming fed up with this situation.

"European societies have had their capacity for empathy pushed to the limit, as seen in the commonly heard term “aid fatigue.” And there is no easy way to turn it off."

  "The only real way is to convince oneself that the object of empathy is morally worthless."

The fact is, morality is found in oxytocin, and blacks just don't have it, unless very mixed and higher IQ. . .so yes, defending a large portion of them, being morally challenged, is -I hate to say it- a poor usage of empathy, and a sign of pathology. Just as defending a loosed wild lion in civilization is also a waste of empathy and pathological. I'm all for returning both the lions and the blacks to their natural habitat though! If it still exists. (Free of aid or reparations.) But if any of you has a better solution I am open to hearing it.

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