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Racial disparities in Oxytocin levels, and what they result in. Part 9

 Oxytocin is a hormone secreted in our bodies. It helps you feel a love for and defend your family or race against outsiders, as a mother bear protects her cubs.

"Oxytocin. . . makes people feel warmer and fuzzier to those they consider "us." But it makes people crappier to the "thems." Called ethnocentrism or racism, "the dark side" of Oxytocin in some people's minds.

"There is a rich literature in social animals showing that oxytocin allows members of the same species to identify burrow-mates. . . my brain makes oxytocin and then we can affiliate; we can huddle up for warmth or for safety."

This selection for our own, and defensiveness around others happens in humans of all races to some degree. . .sadly it is automatically toward our perceived own group or race. . .not the one we may actually be closer related to. . .

Another article mentions how "tribal behavior [gang like mentality towards others] has a genetic basis. [And is typical in most animals] It’s already known that a genetic system, based on the hormone oxytocin, seems to modulate the degree of in-group trust."

So those avoiding and defending against the "thems" of another race, likely being called "racist" for it, are actually likely more filled with "the loving hormone" . . .as opposed to those lacking it, who actually hate others of another race and are even hardly bonded to their own! 

Hate is immoral and is un-warranted anger directed towards anyone of any race, it is a sign of low Oxytocin. So defending our own "tribe" against others or preferring our own and distrusting others (which is derogatorily called "racism" ) can't be hate! It is merely a natural instinct of self preservation.
Whatever the case, the differences in behavior, due to hormonal and biological differences in blacks, causing: their high aggression, distrust, dishonesty and a lack of empathy (all deemed "immorality" or "ungodliness" by whites or those mixed or religious) are the main causes of the destruction of all past and present white civilizations. 

This destruction is caused by a black take over. Starting from high birthrate, dependent parasitic nature, high crime, lacking empathy for others around them with noise and litter and lastly a direct result of "white flight". 

The less aggressive and wealthy do not want to deal with the crime, mess and noise and move to a "safer neighborhood". Which according to crime spot, and looking up demographics, it just happens to always correlate black neighborhoods with dangerous ones. . .

 If the separation from previously white civilizations, neighborhoods or schools (turned dark and violent and trashed) was purely out of white supremacy and "racism" as distrusting and stupid or naive but smart blacks believe, then why are those who are very liberal and politically correct, as well as most intelligent blacks also running away from black dominated places? 

I like this quote:"Considering that most white people are anti-racists [anti-white], race traitorsleftists. . . the question remains as to why they do white flight too. Why don't they live in Detroit?

 "Among European Americans who are not racially aware, they focus on declining property values, rising crime rates, and that the neighborhood looks like a slum."

"Because of the nature of race and behavior, black. . . blood brings extroversion and aggressiveness, the same way chimpanzees are aggressive while gorillas, bonobos, and orangutans are calm."

 This aggression and low empathy could easily be seen more if desired by googling pictures of crime, rape, gorilla warfare, beheadings, riots, white genocide or the like in Africa, or even in the black ghetto. . .most pictures of which are too horrendous to show my empathetic audience.

 Here in the above picture you could say these blacks are simply being nationalist by wanting the whites in South Africa gone. . .but there is a difference between wanting someone gone, and wanting them dead.

I have actually been trying to be tactful in the pictures and terms I have used to describe the animal-like lack of empathy of the blacks, but in reality, if someone can't empathize with suffering, and is in fact gleeful in their bragging about it, in white society we call that being a psychopath.

When I say lacking empathy is psychopathic, I mean what is nuts to whites, but is actually normal behavior to blacks who are more pure in the ghettos, or sub sahara Africa.

While almost all blacks in the world are mixed now though, and many calling themselves white are too, the gene for being a psychopath is still much more common in blacks, then whites.

"Scientists have studied genes that determine psychopathic behavior and found it varies based on racial lines. Studies have suggested a connection between a variant of the monoamine oxidase A (MAO-A) gene (dubbed the "warrior gene") and psychopathy."

As mentioned also in this article on psychopathic personalities,

"The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) is used to measure psychopathic personality. Studies involving the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory have also shown that negroes are most likely to have a propensity toward lying and being dishonest as compared to any other ethnicity. They also [due to their high testosterone] have an unfounded inflated sense of self esteem and tend toward "unrestrained self gratification at the expense of others." 

This makes sense because consciousness and character are concentrated in the frontal lobe of the brain, which (they say) is a recent evolutionary development. Europeans have the most developed frontal lobe and Africans the least. Something I will get into in a later post. . .

"And, of course, none of the above addresses the decades of records that prove that negroes are by far the most dangerous, unintelligent, and impulsive of all the races."

Whether one or another gene connected to aggression, clearly the warrior genes are in the testosterone filled black men, woman, and even children, who are commonly warriors still in Africa. Their warfare is like a chimp attack, and is generally without mercy. (Often involves mutilation, torture, rape and even cannibalism!) Which makes them a formidable and terrifying force to be reckoned with if set against you! They do not historically fight fairly, or with any rules either, due to this psychopathy. This is often seen in sports as well. . .

"Studies show psychopaths don’t release oxytocin and they don’t have the antecedent psychological effects of oxytocin release, which is a feeling of empathy." As I have previously noted, all manner of science has linked psychopathic behavior to blacks in general, and higher amounts of black genes in particular. This article puts the science and stats together on psychopathic personality and race.

Due to this tendency to psychopathy, the more pure ghetto blacks also make horrible friends! Even if they are confident and cool, and even nice to you, if you want a shoulder to cry on, they are more likely to be a bad influence and lead you to revenge and aggression. This is not to say all blacks are this way, and there are no doubt some empathetic ones out there. . .but honestly, other than this likely staged picture, I have never found one that isn't acting or being manipulative in order to get something. That doesn't mean there isn't one though. . .

Classically, they have little empathy for their husbands or wives, boyfriends or girlfriends either, and will turn on them in an instant due to their lacking empathy, and lacking impulse control, due to high testosterone. In fact they brag about their lacking empathy, saying the person deserved to be punished or the like! Judges hear this excuse a lot from blacks defending their actions, and they are deemed "mental", as no one would mean that in their right mind. . .as a white person anyways!

This is why a black person surrounded with or adopted by white people commits a lot less crime, and does better is school too. . .Because of what they receive by osmosis from whites. They can trust more, love more, and communicate more, even looking people in the eye more because they were loved more. Nurture vs. nature is only true to a small extent because of this cycle of Oxytocin.

This poor relational and low empathetic behavior (according to above, seen in the inability to look you in the eye and smile trustingly, even in passing), is seen in most of Africa, and the stereotypical blacks worldwide, that take eye contact as a challenge! It is also seen in though the higher IQ, and very mixed middle or high class blacks, to a slightly lesser degree.

You may have seen some media coverage of football players like Ray Rice and his girlfriend whom he knocked out cold in an elevator. Or heard of Bill Cosby drugging and raping like 50 woman. . .this is because to a black man (both high on testosterone and low on Oxytocin), there is no second thought or guilt about their actions. Any guilt they are prepped to show to the media, or in court is self serving to keep their position, make their people look good, or to stay out of jail.

Expecting empathy or remorse from a black person after an act of aggression, is like expecting a monkey to be sorry he just ate another monkey. . .they have no clue it's immoral and it will only get them angry at you if you judge them for it. 

 Blacks historically are often seen as soldiers, warriors, torturers, executioners or butchers; this is obviously because of this lack of empathy. 

So being themselves unable to kill the troublemakers, or even kill animals to eat, the whites employed blacks, who were originally immune to attachments. Sadly, as mentioned in my last post, blood levels of oxytocin are highly heritable, so it is not shocking to find that certain jobs or criminal behavior tend to run in families.

The lack of oxytocin levels shows up in stats on many things like how many whites vs. blacks per porportion breastfeed, carry or abort their babies, have drugfree, natural births, or chose C-sectioning and drugs.

Lacking Oxytocin causes a distrust of politicians, cops, or any authority. Consequently, cooperation with these authorities obviously has racial differences. As any in those positions can tell you!

The sad evidence of this distrust or lack of confidence in others due to hormone levels in blacks comes out in being uncooperative to cops, as seen above. You can also see abundant evidence of this distrust in their refusal to give their ID when askedrefusal to roll down windows when asked, and over all riotous and presumptuous behavior when a thug gets what he had coming to him. (i.e. Michael Brown.) This makes a cops job infinitely harder!

This distrust is by far not just seen against those trying to police their high crime and save their lives, but in other public service jobs, including healthcare workers and teachers

"The hormone has been found to make people more charitable — and not just to individuals but to charitable institutions, a more emotionally abstract way of giving money."

Being charitable is also dependent on your oxytocin levels, and consequently your race. "Research has confirmed a widespread perception in the restaurant industry that Black customers tip less than do White customers. This occurs also among the middle-class, does not disappear when both groups get comparable service, and also occurs when the server is Black."

Knowing all this about the effects of Oxytocin, and the fact that it is the biological basis for the golden rule, you might wonder how it is that scientists have gotten away with saying blacks actually have lower Oxytocin levels? Well, they have tried to hide it actually!

Things haven't changed greatly, except with those who are very obviously bi-racial. . .In African culture they commonly attack or gang rape the mentally disabled, weakened, old, unpopular or outnumbered like the whites are in South Africa.

In fact, this abuse of the peacemakers and empathetic (deemed weak), is why the nost volnurable in this country are the "uncle Tom's" and the too white "sell outs".

This mentality of destroying the weak and non-aggressive, and having much fun while doing it is actually something that makes evolutionary sense, as it's what is done in all primate cultures! This is why blacks have attacked and raped the weaker and naive/unsuspecting and trusting white females down through history! This is seen all over history, wherever you see torture and cruelty to woman and children, you can bet dark people are involved. Sadly, it is even depicted on old postcards of these events and wars, it was so mentally shaking to the whites involved! Source

Sadly for us white woman, it is just what black males are "evolved" to be! And is the reason we should stay far away from them out of self defense.

Blacks or dark people in mass show this lack of empathy more clearly then any individual encounter with them will.

This could easily be seen by googling pictures of crime, rape, guerilla warfare, beheadings, riots, white genocide or the like in Africa, or even in and black ghetto. . .most pictures of which are too horrendous to show my empathetic audience.

When whites congregate to be in support or defend themselves against the inevitable violence against them or their woman and the weaker element, including the consequent admixture, or the aggression and sexual harassment in the workplace, or bullying in their schools or neighborhoods, it is called being racist or a "white supremacist". This in reality is not about hate, although it is standing for"white nationalism", just as some blacks stand for black nationalism. (Something America encourages blacks to do, and shames whites if we do.) I am a white nationalist for 14 very empathetic reasons, as you can see in a video here.

See the compilation of the actions of the masses of blacks in the Baltimore riots here on video. Our president in an address to the nation right after this said though, that while not condoning the violence, believed it was only a handful of criminals and thugs that were responsible for all that destruction. . .only the latest of a long history of them.  He was right about one thing though, the riots started because of the middle class, higher IQ cleargymen and their protesting for civil rights. The same way the very mixed blacks have always started the problems, and the idiots have always been the ones to follow them.

 Even the black woman will attack the children who are weaker, if they can get away with it with the mother gone. We see this with many gruesome stories or videos of black nannies beating and killing toddlers and young children!  No one wants to live in or support a society where you can't trust that caregivers and teachers will look out for the children, or healthcare workers will be empathetic toward the elderly. With lessening empathy for the young, old, weak and inferior element, often found in nursing homes, is it actually very surprising when we see black workers dominating such places. Here is a classic case of two black nurse aids abusing a white granny. They don't stop there though, there are many mentally handicapped whites that have been raped and murdered by blacks all over the world! It is this kind of behavior that rials up whites to action, as they have in the past, in defense of their people.

Even when dealing with their own kids (and especially with ones not their own), blacks are highly distant, rarely nursing, rarely caring to cook family meals and allowing them to basically raise themselves. The movie Precious clearly portraits the typical ghetto black mentality on parenting, and many youtube parodies done by classier blacks compare white and black parenting.

Perhaps the more telling sign of a lack of nurture for their own kids is from stats on car accidents. Disproportionately, black children die in car accidents, not just because blacks get in far more accidents then other races, but because in those accidents, 2 out of 3 children of car seat age are not restrained, much less in a car seat. This is not because they are too poor for the car obviously, or the car-seat, as the government provides them for free for anyone who is receiving help from the state. There is a lot of education on car-seats through those same government agencies, and the well child exams they are frequently reminded to go to. 

Blacks simply cannot nurture, it is not in their nature, yet nurturing servant jobs are often the best they can get! Waitresses, nanny, nursing home jobs, etc. When they get a poor wage, low tips or fired for a poor performance compared to a white person in the same position, they get angry and blame everyone but themselves. This ties back to their lack of cognitive empathy. Lacking cognitive empathy, blacks will always see themselves as deserving all the advantages or what others have, because they can't place themselves in the position of the one providing the service.
For instance, a hidden camera social experiment found that people of Subsaharan African ancestry lacked a sense of empathy when money was left out with a sign reading, "This money is for people in need only."
Of course, whether rich or poor, they would say they seed it.

Even the highest IQ blacks I have had discussions with have said things like "if someone looses their life's savings to a Nigerian scam artist, they deserve it, because they were a sucker, and don't deserve the money."

Large race differences were reported between Blacks and Whites in the US by a 1984 study which stated that "Race results suggested a comparative lack of interest in, and concern and affection for animals among nonwhites." If you see a sweet picture of a baby cuddling an animal, it will generally be a white baby. Blacks are much more likely to be the bully to animal or human alike.

Another link to bullying with blacks is a study says there is a link with obesity and being a bully in school. As I stated in my blog post here, obesity is generally caused by the inability to digest the foods of civilization, either due to genes, lacking gut bacteria, or mistreatment of the whole foods. . .so either black genes or stupidity will lead to obesity, but often both!

The poor behavior of blacks in schools is also seen from detentions and suspension rates, of which minority kids get a large majority of! This is not all due to malicious disrespect of their authorities, or fighting though, some of it is simply being obnoxiously disruptive and loud!

Due to the callus and entitled behavior of the low empathy black genes, we see what some would call "noise pollution" from them. An interesting article speaks of this further. (And my experience all over the south confirms what it says.)

"Most species on this earth hate loud noises. However some races, especially the negro like to be loud and are far louder than other races. Preference toward noise varies based on genetics. Negroes and Mestizos are very loud."

"The common degenerate music of the twenty first century is loud infrasound, sometimes described with words like "bass" and "subwoofer". It is not a natural sound like drums, but a synthetic infrasonic thumping. Loud infrasound is is most popular among negroes and second most popular among mestizos, and there is some genetic and racial basis for this. . ."

According to this same source above, the riot cops have used a sonic weapon, that emits a squealing noise to dissipate the crowds, and while apparently working on mixed crowds at stadiums and concert, there is footage that shows it had no affect on the black riot in Ferguson. "The more noise the more fun the party", is apparently their mantra. In fact, it may have done more to egg them on!

As they also said ,"Torturing with noise is like murder. . . genetic characteristics determine how likely a person is to casually and joyously torture others with noise."

We've all seen the souped up cars the blacks drive around, none of which seem complete without the deafening sound system, and OPEN WINDOWS! I have personally seen my husband in a very scary situation at a campground after a black guy drove around our campground booming his obnoxious "music" from his rented golf cart. When asked to refrain from doing so by the manager, he flipped out! My now ex-husband naively got involved hoping to reason with him like an adult. Like the saying goes about a toddler, with no impulse control, "you can't reason with a two year old". . .the same is true of most (though maybe not the smartest) blacks.
The difference between those who know they are a mix, and those less known as such in noisy behavior has been noted by others as well. "Mestizos which are a mix of the two [black and white]. . . torture with noise on a higher level than even negroes. While they have higher IQs than negroes, something in their brains is actually less than them. [They are filled with anger and jealousy.] Negroes will eventually figure out their noise-making is hated, although they're slow to figure this out, but once they do, they will usually lessen it, not a lot, but some. Mestizos though know from the start they are torturing people and when people get upset they will. . . continue doing so."

Malachi Jackson with the Detroit Animal Control catching a stray pit bull from abandoned home."For example, negroes get a pitbull and tie it up next to a neighbor's window so it barks all the time. The dog is totally ignored all day like they don't want it. Negroes eventually notice an ultrasonic bark deterrent pointed at the dog. At some point they notice, threaten the neighbor with murder if they point it at their dog again, and then kindly move their dog somewhere else but only for a week and then they move it right back. Mestizos get a pitbull that barks all night--they ignore the pitbull and leave it outside, feed it only once a day. They notice soon after their neighbor runs a loud window air conditioning fan all night to sleep over the dog. The mestizos then respond by getting a second dog they will ignore, this time a large rottweiler which they know is even louder. Mestizos then notice an ultrasonic debarker pointed at it and they simply destroy the debarker so their rottweiler can continue barking. The mestizos do not say anything either."

Speaking of blacks and dogs, Detroit is over run by unwanted strays apparently, often of the very mean sort too. Could this be due to so many careless and unsympathetic owners? This behavior is all over every third world country as well. . .

"Another example: Negroes have booming music. A neighbor goes and complains to them. The negro tries to keep it down but can't figure out why it's so loud 100 feet away."

Loud "music" is only one of the ways. Other common ways races with a preference toward noise display this are: screaming and shouting outside, often while running and banging around like wild chimpanzees; letting dogs bark nonstop all day and night and never noticing that this goes on; removing the mufflers from vehicles, and often additionally making sure to warm them up and rev them for over an hour each day in a residential neighborhood; using noisy, powered tools for simple tasks like leaf blowers instead of rakes, pressure machines instead of a regular hose, pressure paint machines instead of painting, and the types that do this (mostly mestizos) really enjoy doing these types of tasks as long as they can use extremely noisy machines in a residential area. If one has negroes in a neighboring hotel room, one will notice them being rowdy and making noise.Certain types of people are just noisier than others and this has genetic basis--for instance orientals tend to be quiet while mestizos and especially negroes tend to be very rowdy.

Due to this discourteous and arrogant typical black behavior (and aggression when confronted about it being wrong or inappropriate in white society), blacks of all shades and IQ's tend to repulse most whites. . .this is called white flight.

In fact, speaking of flight, there is an example of a loud and disruptive ghetto black woman being ejected off a flight, to the cheers of a white crowd here. Whites run away from blacks both in disgust of their loud and obnoxious behavior and fear of their violence, due to lacking impulse control, even if it means buying a business class seat on a plane, buying a private education for their kids, or moving to a whiter neighborhood.

 Sadly though, they shouldn't defend or feel sorry for the unrepentant rapers, abusers, or lawless. (Or as the Bible puts it, the children of the Devil or the "ungodly".) Yet that is generally who they rally around! You know who I mean, Travon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddy Grey, etc.

They are not defensive for their own because they love their own, they are Afrocentric due to likely one of two reasons:
1. they actually love people, and are moral in their actions, showing the "fruits of the spirit", due to having white oxytocin levels and high admixture or selection for those traits. Thus the people they should be loving are the whites they should bond with, but they mistake the blacks as their people to attempt to bond with, going on color alone. . .(which simply means they had one black parent somewhere along the line.)

  2. they are really only defending themselves and their honor by standing up for their color. 

When blacks have empathy, it is probably always for themselves. By showing solidarity with other blacks, it has been often admitted by even smart blacks, that it is only to defend themselves due to their color. Just look at Obama!

How do I know this is true? Well, though I have blogged on how evolutionary it is to select your own, and prefer only your own race, only the highly bonded and loving black people can trust their half race, and love their people at all. Thus we have Africans separating into tribal groups, some more some less white genes. . . having different cultures and languages, and borders to keep some semblance of peace between tribes. In a similar way we see gangs unable to get along unless it is against a common enemy of a different race. 

Generally speaking though, it takes love and bonding with people to select your own, and not attack your own. Black on black crime shows there is little love in the Black community. Even watching youtube you can see that black woman attack black men all the time, and black woman equally attack black men! 

For now though. . ."we should all be doing more to boost oxytocin in benign ways. He recommends a minimum of eight hugs a day (pets count, too); massage and even soppy movies seem to work: he has done the blood tests." 

"Interactions on Twitter and Facebook seem to lead to oxytocin spikes, offering a powerful retort to the argument that social media is killing real human interaction: in hormonal terms, it appears, the body processes it as an entirely real kind of interaction."

The "problem" with that suggestion to raise oxytocin for world happiness, is that it would only bring more separation. "A study done in the Netherlands showed that oxytocin increased the in-group favoritism of their nation while decreasing acceptance of members of other ethnicities and foreigners. People also show more affection for their country’s flag while remaining indifferent to other cultural objects when exposed to oxytocin."

"oxytocin may reinforce prosocial behaviors after an initial bond is formed, but may enhance defensive behaviors to unfamiliar individuals."
 [or those of an "out group" i.e. another race] So unless someone is white,
 they are much less likely to protect whites against invasion of darks, which 
could help us understand the policies a certain president has made. . .

"Oxytocin is beneficial because it can either enhance social bonding or promote defensive behaviors depending on the situation. It would not be adaptive if oxytocin consistently enhanced social approach and other prosocial behaviors, especially in uncertain and potentially dangerous social contexts. . .both fear and anxiety responses help to protect an individual. These emotions render environmental cues more important, leading to a greater likelihood the individual or animal will acknowledge the potential threat. Ultimately this process leads to a greater chance of survival."

In other words, we can trace white flight and Jim Crow segregation laws to this healthy fear, being more in tune to our danger around blacks. The more mixed middle class blacks apparently have the same fears from higher Oxytocin levels, as they always follow white flight.

Due to this tendency, some go so far as to say oxytocin causes racism, but that is just stupid, as it is the hormone of love and morality. To chose and prefer your own race over another is love, not hate, and prejudice. . . sorry liberals and cultural Marxists, you've been shown up again.

As I see booming sales of the rebel flag in the South, I am seeing this as a sign of separation on racial lines already. A race war is already happening. What came first, more bonding with our own, over all the crime getting out on social media finally or raising oxytocin levels in whites due to some other reason?

More importantly, why did this love ever stop in civilization, and why do whites feel guilt or distrust their own ancestors and their intentions or actions toward dark invaders or native groups?! (You can certainly now understand history better based on these inherited oxytocin levels.) That unfortunately is the other side of the coin: too much oxytocin, being a bad thing. . .

Not having enough empathy is very bad as we have seen above, but having too much empathy, and being unable to do what is needed in this dog eat dog mixed up world, at your cut throat job, as a parent giving tough love, or voting on laws that might affect the poor etc. is also bad! (This is why the biracial people actually have an edge in the world, and are some of the most bluntly honest people around. . . if they have a high IQ, and are ashamed of and honest about those who do not.) The effects of too much white empathy I will get into in my next post.

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