Tuesday, May 1, 2012

". . .All I need. . ."

When I was a newlywed, I literally said "I would be happy living in a cardboard box, if I just had my honey with me." While I still feel completely happy only when I'm with him (and on good terms,) I can also say that I have learned a lot about what would be helpful in life BESIDES him. So I thought I should make a list that could help my children "set up house" someday, (and maybe a few people besides them) so they don't have to end up like me with almost nothing left from those newlywed days that I actually need or use now. Besides the obvious roof over the head, clothes, food and optional fun things I won't waste my time on, these things are nearly indispensable to me (or would be if I had them!) for numerous reasons!

For Baby:

Hemp/cotton (cloth) all- in- one or pocket diapers and training pants
Flat diapers (for burp cloths)
diaper sprayer (that's attached to the toilet.)
good camera
a few good slings
a baby calendar, book, and/or hand/foot print casts.
potty chair
rubbery bib
homemade (unsprayed) Pajamas
Baby gate(s)
electrical outlet covers

For me in pregnancy/postpartum/nursing and not:
comfy and quality pregnancy and nursing clothes
reusable nursing pads like lilypadz or cloth
washable "mama pads" for "Aunt flow"
an exercise ball
a unlimited access to support, whether a good phone plan, unlimited internet, or close to a Library
access to your hobby, whether an instrument you play, a plot to garden or games that make you happy. ..
good nail set with case
natural make up and brushes

For the home:
nontoxic mattress
"family cloth"
quality wood furniture:
  like a couch, table and chairs and a bookshelf or two
sewing machine and serger
filing cabinet/desk
paper shredder
3 ring hole punch
binders, notepads, daytimers
plastic bins for:
  out of season stuff, memory stuff, craft and sewing stuff. . .
quality vacuum cleaner- if you intend on having carpet
carpet steamer-if you intend on having carpet
clothes steamer, and iron
quality hair clippers and scissors
Quality towel sets
Quality sheet sets
neutral, nontoxic, and washable  blankets and comforters
nontoxic waterproof sheet protectors
not toxic good quality pillows
(If you can, get a new washer, dryer, dishwasher and gas stove that's H.E. and the best quality you can. . .they are well worth it!)
(Same goes for electronics like the TV, computer, sound system, Android or Ipad; they aren't TOTALLY needed, but are very beneficial if you are able to swing it!)

Emergency/traveling/camping stuff:
Food grade hydrogen peroxide
sleeping bags
tent and tarps
crank radio/cell phone charger
nontoxic and unbreakable dish set
waterproof matches and lighters
rain barrels
water filter
solar shower
herbal tinctures and essential oils for first aid and prevention of bites and burns and much more. . .
wood camping grill

For the kitchen:
Bosch bread mixer
Non toxic crock pots
large electric pancake griddle
iron cookware
nontoxic non-stick cookware
Pyrex and tupperware
glass casserole dishes
glass bowls
glass measuring cups
 bamboo spoons
metal garlic press
pizza, pasta and cookie cutters
 quality knives and sharpener
Progressive apple corer/slicer
good quality can opener
metal and silicone spatulas and whisks
quality stainless steel silverware and serving spoons
drawer organizers for utensils and silverware
large glass jars for bulk dried food storage
 steamer for veggies (and grains if it has a delay button)
food processor
raw food juicer
industrial food dehydrator
KitchenAid with attachments for meat grinding and pasta rolling and cutting
electric tea kettle
silicone molds for butter, ice cubes, Popsicles and candy
nontoxic cookie sheets
nontoxic muffin pans
glass pie pans
nontoxic cheesecake pan
nontoxic Ramekins
glass serving trays
nontoxic pizza pan or pizza stone
glass pitcher
glass punch bowl
cloth napkins and tablecloths
lots of cloths for soapless cleaning
everyday dish set
(nicer dish set and tea set opt.)
quality bucket for compost, or worm bin
quality stainless steel or quality and washable trash can
toaster oven
silicone baking mat and rolling pin
quality broom, and dustpan
Libman freedom mop
wall hanger for them
2 quality wooden cutting boards
shelf for lots of jars, (some jars for spices, some bigger ones for dried staple foods)
 cookie press and cookie scoop
salt and pepper set
hand mixer
candle holders and vases opt.

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  1. So many items! A blender for vegetables and fruits just great for when you need to drink veggies!