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Real evidence of God? Part 3

 In this dissertation I will show what I consider irrefutable proof (from many different angles) for why God is/was, in fact, a reality. So hang on to your hats, and be ready to have your presumptions and reality scientifically challenged, no matter what you may believe now! I will be including many references and links, which I encourage every serious seeker to check out. By no means will I only use the Bible for proof, like Christians usually do. . . as that is foolish and circular reasoning. I will start out with biblical theology and it's history though.

While I am not at all a "Bible thumper" and think of myself as Atheistic, I do technically believe in the "God" of the Bible and give the Bible credit when it is deserved.  I am actually only a little more an Atheist then a religious person though, because every last one of you religious people reading this will disbelieve in another person's concept of God.

My concept of God starts in the Bible, with the story of creation. It is there that we see a clue as to what God is like.  In Gen. 1:26, "God said, 'Let us make man in Our image, according to our likeness; and let them rule. . .'" So, call me crazy, but a normal reading of that verse tells the astute reader exactly what "God" is, flesh and blood! I have heard all the excuses though, and you will not likely see it as obvious as I do, so let me give you some background on the Bible.

The fact is, like I mentioned in my last post, “A lot of the stories in the Old Testament are in fact plagiarized material, particularly from the rich mythical heritage of the Sumerians – the inventors of writing. The story of Noah and the flood story, the creation of man out of clay, Cain and Abel, the gardens of Eden, the tree of knowledge, creation of Eve from Adams rib, and numerous other myths, like the throwing of Moses in the river after he was born, are all stories found recorded on Sumerian clay tablets dating 5000 years back in time”.

[That the Sumerian text is the origin for all the Old Testament Biblical stories]". . . has long been common knowledge amongst the scholars of history, archaeology and anthropology. . ."
Source Or if you are a more visual person, check out this video here.

 Just because the Sumerian text predated the Bible by thousands of years though, and is thus more accurate, that is not to say that the Bible should be discounted completely. Though much in the Bible has been shown wrong, changed, or contradictory. . . much has been misunderstood, mistranslated and consequently has evolved from the original source of the stories. In a similar way to the old game of telephone, stories passed down through oral tradition are bound to change a little here and there before they get written down. So even if we had the original of every book in the Bible, and we found that we understood the language perfectly in it's context and culture, we would still have to depend on those who passed down the stories.

The study of languages tells us a lot about the origins of "God" actually. Like the Christian "God", other culture's mythical "gods", known by different names in different languages and world myths were much changed by time and ignorance, just as we have done to Odin morphing into Santa.

There is no doubt in my mind that the original stories about the gods of every culture were based in reality. Even this one living in the north pole. . . as crazy as that may seem, a magical spirit in the heavens is just as crazy.

On the other hand, if you define "God" as the energy that connects us, or love, or some other ambiguous thing that cannot be disproven. . .then sure, that God has some evidence I suppose. 

Everyone has out of ignorance made up their own "God concept" over the years.

This evolution of myth is actually just classic human behavior, but especially towards more advanced/magical/talented/different looking people.(Just look at the idol worship over sports players or singers!)
"Chariot of the gods"made by "cargo cults"
I could focus on how the original religions evolved, as I showed they did in a past post called: All myths change and evolve, it's just human nature. . . "God" is no exception. Part 8 or I could show evidence that belief in invisible people is a holdover of numerous psychological processes. Instead I will focus on why we should give the Bible, or more specifically, the original Sumerian text some credit.

You may ask, "If it's so great, why are the later evolved Bible and Koran so popular, and most average people have never even heard of the Sumerian text?"  The Sumerian civilization, being much older then ones built over it has only recently been found! As in all archaeology, if you want to get to the old stuff, you need to dig deep. And being that we had no interest in archaeology until a few generations ago, we have had to look through newer stuff to get to the old.

 Though the Sumerian writings were in great shape, and very detailed, shown to be the longhand of the later Hebrew language, the connection with the Bible wasn't made until the latter had been compiled to make a cohesive story and translated for thousands of years! Through sheer ignorance or stubbornness, scholars keep using the Bible (oral traditions put in writing) for their source, instead of the writings that started the myths in the first place!! Mainly because if you change the original stories, even a little, you change the entire basis for the writing of the rest of the Bible, making the whole largely obsolete.

It is this misunderstanding of the original text that has caused people to make fun of the Bible as silly fairy tales. For instance, the story of Creation. . .

"Science has disproven creation though right?" you say. Sure, we know that there are layers with a progression of more complex life in it as you go up. We can prove what has happened in the the earth and the universe for what we date as millions of years through many different methods like math, astronomy, polar ice, geology, etc. This causes science-minded Christians to admit to one of these:

  1. God must have made the world and universe with age
  2. Because a day is as a thousand years to God, they were not 24 hour periods 
  3. He used evolution and the big bang to create life. "Let there be light and BANG, there it was."
The fact is though, not only can we trace the start of the universe back to a certain time and location, but we can replicate the creation of RNA from natural conditions on a naturally forming earth all the way back when life started! As we know that RNA evolved naturally to the more complex DNA and then on to single celled organisms and continually more complex organisms, the fact that life started without a need for divine help is pretty much a proven fact now.

Really, there is so much evidence for an old earth and the evolution of life and all species from other less evolved species, that most educated people just presume that the "creation" myths were just a way the "Bronze age nomads" and other stupid ancients explained the unknown to their grandkids. We science minded folk have thus always presumed the Biblical creation story is all bunk. . .

But wait, the original story of creation from the Sumerian text does not claim "God" created all things like the Bible version to the left claims. . . just man. If you define "man" as the Sumerian text and the Bible even does, that brings about a very different picture then we have been led to believe through science. . .which I will get into later in my next posts. . .

Furthermore, unlike the Bible that speaks of people watching nearby stars falling on the earth, and hovering over houses (there is actually a good explanation with another word substituted for stars though actually. . .) and the earth being flat (as I discussed in my post: A flat earth teaching in a perfect book?), the Sumerian text speaks of the planets as if from the perspective of ones who have been to them. The knowledge they had of the color, size, order, etc. of the planets and their place around the sun, we have only recently confirmed! They also had maps that showed the poles, when no one should have known about them at that time, unless they could fly of course. . .

So, the Sumerians had knowledge we are just starting to understand now, and apparently it was lost for a time to our ancestors. That was because there was little knowledge of the writings of Sumer until they had dug it up late in the 19th century They have confirmed some of the later kings from Sumer as being real, but in their kings lists they say that they were "gods", with very long lives, so hardly anyone takes the first part of the Sumerian kings list seriously. . .

The Sumerians had a word for their gods that came from the heavens (sky), and it was the Annunaki. That was the generic term. (like many use "god" now) When they described the beings, they called them "ilu" which is translated "tall guys". Ilu has since been translated as a generic "god(s)". The same word translated into Hebrew, the shorthand of Sumerian, is Elohim. While it has been translated as singular, Elohim is actually plural. It was an intentional mistranslation that doesn't fit in many places. To justify the many gods down to one, the Bible makes good and bad gods, and makes up less honored gods into demons and Angels. It is obvious in the original language that there is also no difference between sons of God, Angels, Demons, and even Satan, as well as many, many other names of the supposed "false gods".

Something most Christians apparently don't know is that the Bible both admits to the gods, (even in the 10 commandments) and says that they are flesh and blood who mated with "the daughters of man", in Gen. 6. (Something not possible of mystical demons, or a mystical "son of God/Angel", but very possible with a similar species.)
Source Source

So, just humor me here for a second: If there were a race of flesh and blood beings that
  1. came from the sky, (or out of seemingly nowhere with the apparent ability to get around)  
  2. were tall, (both like the Sumerian text said they did and were)
  3. were white skinned, with blond and red hair, like pretty much all the most ancient myths in all the world said and pictured that they had,
  4. had an original rare bloodtype and RH factor, like the other red heads on earth today seemed to have all originated from. (which I will get into more in my next post)
  5. the DNA on their father's side could not be traced to the primates . . . 
Then you would have found the basis for God in most if not all of the world's religions and myths.

So not surprisingly, having finally the right historical criteria in my search for God, I found him!! "God" is the newly found Denisovan. 

(Having found only a few fragments, scientists were shocked with how preserved the bones of him were too. .  . so perhaps they are somewhat magical after all?)

Some points of interest:
"Genetic testing in the last decade has revealed that several now extinct archaic human species interbred with modern humans. These species left their genetic imprint in different regions across the world [and always from the male to a native female]."

"Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of the finger bone showed it to be genetically distinct from the mtDNAs [mothers side] of Neanderthals and modern humans."

"17% of the Denisova genome represents DNA from the local Neanderthal population, while evidence was also found of a contribution to the nuclear genome from an ancient hominin lineage yet to be identified, perhaps the source of the anomalously ancient mtDNA."

"They suggest the divergence of the Denisova mtDNA results either from the persistence of a lineage purged from the other branches of humanity through genetic drift or else an introgression from an older hominin lineage."

This also may indicate the Denisovan might have looked like Neanderthals. Since we don't have Denisovan skull or full skeleton and the fact that Sima de los Huesos hominin (what they now think is a distant Denisovan) was mistaken for Neanderthal for many years, it stands to reason they might have looked the same.

“The fact that the mtDNA of the Sima de los Huesos hominin shares a common ancestor with Denisovan [the mothers side] rather than Neandertal mtDNAs is unexpected since its skeletal remains carry Neandertal-derived features”.

Not at all "unexpected" to me. . .in fact, I predicted it! 

"Denisovans seem to have interbred with a mysterious hominin group."
"the genomes indicate that Denisovans interbred with yet another extinct population of archaic humans — one that is neither human [code word for pure homo Sapien] nor Neanderthal."

So, while the male Denisovan is the one that "interbred" with an earthly species, or fertilized an egg, and placed it in the womb of a Denisovan to create Adam (or the Neanderthal) in his image, on the mothers side or with the mtDNA, there is only the pure Denisovan, which would be unrelated to the earthly human's homo erectus mother. 

If the gods were from a small group, as the Sumerian text claims, then scientists could also see from their gene diversity that they were from a small interbreeding group. This too has been proven in the genes. 

 This led to the presumption that there would be a small pocket of them, only in one area. So when they found others that were very similar genetically, but far and wide around the globe, they had a problem. . . the primitive man was apparently able to have traveled, and fast, and in small numbers! How did the gods travel? You might want to check out a past post for that answer. . .

 The most amazing and obvious thing about the Denisovan is that they were very "robust" and even "giant"! 

 Of course anyone who read my past posts: The white royals of history were all "sons of the tall men" Part 7
or who have seen any depictions of the gods, whether in Sumerian, or later art, as well as read in Gen. 6 about the sons of God breeding with man and creating giants, then they should know that this was predictable, as the gods original title was "ilu" or "tall men".
"If you think it is an act akin to madness to suggest that not only was there a race of eight-foot-tall people who dominated North America from as early as 20,000 BCE but also they were superior to white Europeans in strength, intelligence, health, diet, family life, government, religion and the arts, stop right here and read no farther. It goes against all right-thinking Darwinists, doesn't it?

The Cherokee called them the Moon People.The Utes and Paiutes spoke of a hideous race of cannibals ten feet tall living in caves. And the Choctaw also have an account of the race of giants that first colonized the Ohio Valley. Ancient oral history predates our modern history textbooks. It was important to relay information down, as in any culture, so it was not always storytelling. Could there have been giants? If so, could they have been Denisovan. . ."
While this Denisovan seems a perfect match for "God" or the gods, there is one big issue for both the Sumerian and later Biblical and other creation stories. . .the age of the Denisovan. . .

How do we know about the age of the Denisovan, or the Sima de los Huesos hominin for that matter? Only from radiocarbon dating their fossils. While in no way do I seek to give credit to an exaggerated creation story about the earth and universe being 6,000 or so years old, the age of "modern man" just might fit with the original creation story if you read on.

We know that the world was a lush paradise in the far past, and for some reason, all that changed. If a catastrophe was to take out all life at once, and bury it in ash or sediment, it would show up in coal and oil in large amounts. A catastrophe that changes a lush world into a barren one for a time would have a big effect on carbon. . .in fact there is much evidence of this happening, but people claim it was comets or something like that. While something did happen to send the world into the ice age, it doesn't seem to have been a comet. . .but check out the links and see what you think of the evidence.

"With any radiometric dating scheme certain assumptions must be made. The first assumption made is that carbon 14 has always been produced and had the same concentration in the atmosphere. "

"[The] assumption is that radioactive decay rates stay the same and have always been what we measure them now to be. We have only been able to measure radioactive decay rates within the last hundred years."

"One thing that is agreed upon is that if a material is claimed to be 30 million years old there should be no carbon 14 atoms left. [Yet] No matter how old the carbon material is science labs almost always find some carbon 14. This problem has been studied at great length and the radiocarbon journal is filled with articles on the subject."
The explanations/excuses/guesses range from:
  1. "Carbon 14 from the surrounding environment have been introduced into the sample. This could happen from ground water washing in or bacteria invading a sample. A hard non porous carbon material such as diamond, hard coal, or amber would make this unlikely and can be ruled out for those materials.
  2. The carbon 14 lab has used materials in its processing that contain carbon 14. Perhaps the sample holder had some carbon in it.
  3. Contamination during sample preparation. This is something all labs are aware of and make great efforts to avoid this problem.
  4. Error due to the machine performing and measuring results. This is not likely given the extreme care given to these many experiments by numerous people over a span of 50 years.
  5. Nuclear synthesis of carbon 14 in situ during the experiment. This has been ruled out by experts.
  6. Nuclear synthesis of carbon 14 in the coal or marble itself while laying in the ground for alleged millions of years. This has been ruled out by experts as well.
  7. Nuclear synthesis of ordinary carbon to carbon 14 while the material is in situ. In other words could the carbon material while buried, frozen, or whatever, be lying next to or exposed to a strong radioactive material that bombarded the carbon atoms and turned some of them into carbon 14 from carbon 16. . ." Source Source

And what radioactive substance could have been around in ancient times? Hmm, none if they were all just apes. This is the lie that some would like us to believe about our origins, to be able to discredit the Bible as a whole, when like with all books, there are many nuggets of truths in it.

The fact is, there is evidence from a lot of different angles that these gods came to earth because their planet was under attack, and the war even came here. If you want a lot more evidence of a nuclear war between the gods, check out this site. Source

The God's left their mark not just with the nuclear war, but the city underground that they built to survive it. . .or for their creation to. (No one really knows who lived there, but it was secure and intelligently built.)

 If you have never heard of the ancient underground city in Turkey, you should! "Derinkuyu is just the largest of hundreds of underground complexes built by we're-not-sure-who-exactly", to house about 20,000 people. It had access to fresh flowing water -- the wells were not connected with the surface to prevent poisoning by crafty land dwellers. It also has individual quarters, shops, communal rooms, tombs, arsenals, livestock, and escape routes. There's even a school, complete with a study room. The city was probably used as a giant bunker to protect its inhabitants from either war or natural disaster, but its architects were clearly determined to make it the most comfortable doomsday bunker ever."

 Some believe it may be much older then it was first dated. . . . And this isn't the only awesome ancient structure built by the gods! Source

Some of the ones that stand out to me are:
  •  A place called Adam's calendar, called so because it is thought to be connected to the birth place of the first civilizations. (Fascinating link lower down)
  •  "Great Zimbabwe" is a structure that seems out of place (to the right) It is the only thing around for a permanent living structure in most of Africa. These huge walls and fancy brickwork, as well as other artifacts has been found to have connections to the the style of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, and even the Incas. This place is the earliest civilization technically, even if pretty small. So if all those civilizations came from the man and woman they made, it stands to reason that they had the knowledge first, before teaching their creation and moving them to a safer or better land for them. (Sumer a place where the first kings were said to have been dropped down from Heaven.)
  • These circular structures with no doors or windows that are all over southern Africa were apparently used for power, and to process gold in some way. Massive amounts of power are still coming from the earth in these places! It is powered through sound waves undetectable to the human ear and magnetics, if I understand it right. Many tests were used in and around these structures to prove that they still work today. We only need to learn to harness this power now. (Was this area in Africa the origin of the first civilized "man", Adam, as some would claim or just where the gods themselves first came down to mine gold with the help of their slaves? Read on to find out. Source
  • As more evidence of that, there are many ancient laser cut (?) gold mines near the power grids! "The past 200 years has seen a number of explorers write in great detail about these ruins, but their findings have been largely forgotten and their books are out of print. Most of these early explorers wrote about thousands of ancient mine shafts found in close proximity to the ruins. These mines have been described as sources of gold. . ." Source
The megaliths at Göbekli Tepe were erected by hunter-gatherers around 9000 B.C.
  • "Gobekli Tepe is thought to be the oldest human construction. Gobekli Tepe seems to have been built before the advent of agriculture, religion, written language, the wheel, pottery, the domestication of animals, and the use of anything other than simple stone tools of the hunter-gatherer." Source
  • "The Ggantija Temples are thought to be the second oldest structures. The two temples of Gjantija are estimated to be 5,800 years old (built between 3600 and 3000 BC). According to an ancient legend, the temple walls were built in one day and one night by a female giant named Sunsuna, who did it while nursing a baby!" Source

  • Pumapunku is a large temple complex that has interlocking huge stone blocks like legos. It was built by people whom the Inca, believed were gods. On it's terrace there is a stone slab is 7.81 meters long, 5.17 meters wide and averages 1.07 meters thick. This stone slab has been estimated to weigh 131 metric tons.  It is also a part of the Tiwanaku Site. 
  • "Of all the ruins in Central and South America, Tiwanaku (or "the American stonehenge") has especially been a magnet for strange theories." Numerous "incredible" scientists were laughed out of town by stating the date for this place to be 10,000 years old, build by aliens and having implications about race too it is said. "It was here, the Inka claimed, that their creator deity, Viracocha, made the first peoples of the Andes from clay and then the first Inka. . ." I don't know about the first people of the Andes, but the Inkas have been DNA tested, and they have little connection to the blood of the gods. Source Source
  • A prehistoric underground megalithic temple structure known as the Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni. Those who built this structure had a knowledge of acoustics that is still baffling scientists to this very day. A word spoken in the Oracle room is “magnified a hundredfold and is audible throughout the entire structure. Some call it "sexist construction" as it only works with the male voice, because it is a lower frequency. "The subterranean structure is shrouded in mystery, from the discovery of elongated skulls to stories of paranormal phenomena." Source

Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni

  •  Of course there are the many pyramids of the world. The original ones were said to be made by or for the gods. Interestingly, as opposed to the theory of them being tombs, many now believe were made to enhance the magnetics of the earth for both enhanced conscientiousness in the "dark ages", as well as powering lights like the Alexandria lighthouse, and Egypt as a whole! The pyramids have an identical technology to what Nikola Tesla made, and one which we are just now reinventing. It has been said that we are very close to wireless magnetic resonance energy for home use and the world now! All we need are powering stations, and cordless stuff to replace the old corded stuff. If the powers that be don't shut down this power source, it should be a thing of the very near future. Check out this amazing video!

It should be obvious to anyone looking at this stuff very long at all, that the ancient aliens had technology even superior to what we have today! Considering we genetically modify plants to have cells from animals (probably not the best idea) and are able to clone sheep and more, when you consider Greek, Egyptian Babylonian etc, mythology with an open mind, it seems not only possible but likely that the gods used genetic manipulation to create many weird earthly animal combinations with their blood. 

Most of the half man/half beast combinations were short lived, and never had the chance to reproduce, as they were sterile (classic of hybrids) but that was apparently not the case with all of them. . . For instance, Mermaids have been spotted down through the ages, even brought to shore and studied and documented for years! The most recent sighting was a science expedition and on film, that has even been shown on the news! if you want to check out a modern day Merman out in very deep water, check this out here.

If that isn't proof enough for you religious folks, an ancient script (The Book of Jasher 4:18) quoted by the Bible multiple times and thus given at least a measure of credibility by some, verifies and records that the ancient world indeed had the ability to "mix species". . .something that apparently challenged and angered the gods. In a similar way the tower of Babel (maybe a docking station for a spaceship that would allow them to reach "God") was an apparent challenge to the gods.

So, the gods left evidence of their DNA, structures, technology, creations, and even their own footprints! Sometimes these footprints were found in Africa around Adam's Calendar, or later in their own temple in Israel, other times in other random places while chasing dinos! Myths of giants (Which may be sometimes the gods, but more likely the demi gods, that directly mated with their creation.) were common in Europe, but they were briefly in Africa, for a while in Asia and the Americas apparently. (Which is why the Denisovan DNA and their bloodline of RH- is found in many from there. Though the demi gods-likely known as the frost giants of myth- are extinct, their slaves half breed children appear to have survived, and they are the ones to this day with the most RH-. . .with the exception of those from the holy grail bloodline. . .
Source Source Source

Where the Denisovan/gods/Angels (and those who had the blood of them. . .) always considered "giants" I wonder? Or could they have gotten smaller in time? This may have happened in a changing world to the dinos. This would be after the catastrophe called "Noah's flood" in the Bible, and after their DNA (or "essence" as the Sumerians put it) was saved and survived the catastrophe I referenced earlier. It seems at the same time in history that we see giants, we see dinos living with them. Check it out for yourself though!

 I have no definite proof of the gods shrinking in time (this part is only a theory), but you might notice that the oldest footprints and myths show much larger giants, while in more recent times, like in the Bible days, some of these gods or "Angels" (same word) were mistaken for normal looking "men" when they visited their creation/half children, Abraham and Sarah in Hebrews 13:2 (This is where some folks adopt shape shifting aliens or demons in order to fit in with and control man. . .I think that is silly personally.)

These "Angels" were obviously at that time indistinguishable from those with the pure blood of the original Jews, (traced by blood, that I will get into more in my next post) including presumably in height. Is this why Jesus ("the second Adam", and true "son of god") in John 10:24 quoting Ps. 82:6, said "Ye are gods". . .because there were other gods when it was written, possibly even calling the Jewish people demi-gods??
Coming soon in my next post called: "Proof that we did not just evolve naturally, but that "man" was intelligently designed! Part 4" you will see the obvious conclusion of who Adam and Eve really were (based on their blood), what they looked like and how they started what history has, and science should call a different species.


  1. I find this interesting...on lunch and can't continue reading, but I plan to finish later when I can and post a comment. Thank you for this article, Angela. :)

  2. You're welcome. I suspect this info will change many lives. . .

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  4. No. This is all wrong. The King James Bible contains all of the truth.

  5. King James was the one who made up the thought of Ham being black, because Noah cursed his grandson. . .he was seriously speculating. We now know that we can't live off of presumptions like that, as they are debunked. Of course, if you read my next two posts, you will know that this is only the start. You have a small taste here, but there is so much more evidence, that I could teach a college course on it. Whatever the case, the original King James Bible having truth is good and fine to believe, just know that the original is not readable, and it has evolved over the years, just as our understanding of the Bible has. In Renaissance times, there was much art and writings that clarified God was an alien, but we have simply weeded those out, because it didn't fit our version of truth. Just as I am an Atheist to your made up version of God, you are an Atheist to other people's versions of God that they see in the Bible. The big difference between me and a religious person, is I actually take evidence, and have no bias that can't change with the evidence. You will keep feeding yourself these affirming messages so as to not have to change, but there is actually no leg to stand on for following the King James and avoiding it's author, origin, history, culture, etc. It is only a book, full of contradictions and errors. Look up evil to check them out.