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All myths change and evolve, it's just human nature. . . "God" is no exception. Part 8

If You haven't been keeping up, this is part of a series that explains a lot of interconnecting stuff about our world, history and the origin of religions. The last one was:

The white royals of history were all "sons of the tall men" Part 7 and if you don't know about the tall men/ancient gods, you need to go back and read the post. Preferably starting at the very beginning with "Variety is the spice of life", part 1

Enough with the intro though.

 The stories/myths of the Ancient gods have changed and evolved, just as we see done still today with the real character of old, St. Nicholas. For those of you who don't know, he was a real guy, who gave some generous gifts to a FEW girls (marrying age as I recall). He was a Catholic priest who got famous for his good work, but was no more magical or special then your average nice old man, from what I can gather. (And was more known for drunkenness.) Yet it's amazing to see how with every generation the story has grown, and changed, until he is hardly recognizable to be the old St. Nicholas.

As well, anyone new to the stories/myths of the "ancient aliens" would immediately call them fiction, because they have no part in them that at first glance sounds anymore real then Santa. And yet, upon closer examination, they pretty obviously have their origin in truth.

 Like the classic game of telephone where one whispers a message in the ear of the first one in a line of people, and they in turn do the same until the message gets to the other end of the line, inevitably the message gets all messed up sounding. So with time, and the stories mainly surviving by oral traditions, the myths of the ancient aliens/gods have been dramatically changed.

 Even eye witness accounts that were written down are very unreliable. As any court knows, eye witness accounts are the weakest line of evidence, as it has to pass through the filter of our character, ethics, personality, memory and perception. This was apparently known in the days of the Old testament, as the Jewish law stated that only "in the mouth of two witnesses a thing shall be established". Even with that though, the evidence was often corrupted, as in the case of the story of Naboth in the Bible (who was framed by a powerful and wicked king Ahab's wife Jezebel, who payed off 2 people to lie).

 The point is though, as with the story of Santa in the recent history of man, we see what our tendencies are with myths and stories; we embellish them. . .sometimes purposefully, other times out of ignorance from just repeating what we are told. So our myths have followed this pattern of evolution, typical of man down through the ages.

 One of the first things to go in this "evolution" of the myths seems to have been the Goddesses. No surprise there though, as we see the same thing happened in most of the world. We see this in how Mary Magdalene's true role in history, (as well as her writings) has nearly been erased in favor of her likely husband Jesus. (Who has very little evidence of being more then a symbol and a mixture of numerous memorable characters at the time.)

As the cultures changed to be more man centered, the men sought to erase all mention of the woman leaders of the past. We see this even in the changing of wording in the Bible. It is pretty obvious that the role of woman in a leadership role would not fit with the culture of the New Testament, and later, so in making the canon of the Bible, books were thrown out, and things changed to make sure that woman had no say in how the church was run. This was as culturally mandated as the demeaning of blacks not too long ago, and not based in anything previously.

It is clear with study of the Bible, that the Old testament is not consistent with the New testament in the rule that no woman should lead men, or that she needs to be submissive to him in any way though. This was just culture evolving the myths and the gods of every religion are still evolving with culture.

 Ask any two Christians or followers of Islam or paganism for instance to describe their god, and what they are like, and they will put their own conscience's preferences in place of what their mind knows about their god(s). For instance some people's God's are "love", and he accepts all who call on the name of the Lord. He hears everyone's prayers, and seeks their good. He allows differing lifestyle choices without saying a person isn't a follower of his. . .Whereas other people's "God" is full of condemnation and judgement. He is to be feared, and obeyed, if you know what's good for you. If anything bad happens to you in life, well, God is testing or judging you. How can all these people believe they know God, and are feeling and seeing him even, and yet he be so different?!

 The simple explanation is that all the gods are (now) only in our minds, or imaginations and are very similar to a child's invisible friend. The only difference being, that "God's spirit" actually is within us, if we are of their blood and consequently are "God's child". The only possible connection we have with the gods now besides that though, (presuming they are still alive) is in our own mind, thru ESP. . .if they do exist anywhere else, we seem to have little provable connection with them. That lacking communication to them may not be long lived though, according to many ancient prophecies. . . are you ready for the ascension and the second coming of the aliens?. . .

Of course, don't get too antsy with the thought of their imminent return, like over 2000 years of Christians have, because with verses like these, "Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom." (Matthew 16:28) it makes me think that he was never talking to any but his fellow aliens, . .and even they may not live that long. So it could simply have been a mistake, or a mistranslation, as he's late! If not, tell me your excuse for why he's not here yet, while surely no one's alive from back then. . .well, I'll be waiting.

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