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Infertility in America; what races have the most of it, and why?

So maybe you've been inspired by my last few posts on children and are thinking down the lines of your fertility. . .
Seeing in "Are childless and/or non breastfeeding woman with children selfish for their choice?" that there is every reason in the world to get pregnant and have kids. And in my post: "Kids don't need a manual, they need an "attached", bonded mother!" you might be realizing that they aren't as tricky to raise (at least at first) as books and the old generation would lead you to think.
So now you may want to be pregnant, but sadly, you may find yourself a statistic who can't get pregnant. Statistics say that 12 percent of couples struggle with infertility in this country.
That said, the stats would actually be much higher taking a few things into account. . .for instance, if you are under 35, (the perfect age for bearing children) you are considered normal to have to try for a whole year before seeking help for infertility!

Let's presume in that time you might be having some miscarriages, or you would be pregnant everytime you  ovulated, like other mammals.  I got to thinking about this from an evolutionary perspective the other day; why, of all the animals in the world, do (seemingly) only humans have fertility issues? Hybrid animals also have infertility issues mind you. (And of course, if we have the blood of the aliens (O-) and animals (A and/or B and +) in our veins, we would be considered a hybrid. As I discussed quite a bit in the early posts of my series on the aliens, the original gods, and those of their bloodline seemed to have unnatural conceptions, (i.e. Jesus) or issues with fertility (the Jewish patriarch's wives all needed help from "God" to conceive).

 If a person isn't aware of their fertility signs though, their body may be unknowingly both ovulating and naturally aborting half of their offsprings -due to a recessive RH- in their blood, which no one tests for. And if you are the blood of the aliens, and religiously believe their "spirit" is in you, that could be a big deal, depending on when you believe the spirit goes into the baby. It has been a big deal to me in the past as a Christian believing that "the breath of life"/ being the Spirit, begins at conception. I go with a different theory now though. That the light at the end of the tunnel is actually your re-birth. Jesus spoke of the process of being born again, and I think this may be what he was in reference to. As a Spirit's host body of flesh dies, they go into the body of another host as they are being born. Thus being born again!

Anyhow, back to this theory of the white bloodline being hybrids. . .this could be evidenced by a considerably higher rate of infertility in whites then other minorities. Although color does not necessarily show bloodtype or if you are a hybrid of the god's creation anymore because of the mixing of races these days, if there was a high level of infertility in whites over other minorities, it would certainly be cause to suspect the theory is right. . .

In America the statistics would be confusing with the slight mixing of say blacks and whites, not always being obvious, as well as the diet and consequently obesity levels of the poorer minorities leading to hormonal and health issues that effect fertility. But putting that aside for now, one study of infertile couples showed that out of 756 patients, 85.2% were white, 10.2% were black, and 4.4% were other. (And that was 12 years ago when the obesity levels were lower, and the food was better!)

 Another key issue in messing up the stats in America some say could be that the minorities that may be seeking help from expensive fertility doctors are either on a state medical insurance, (that is more likely to encourage sterilization then seeking help for infertility if you are poor) or may not be able to afford the suggested help, so are unlikely to go in for treatment. (The exceptions would be the middle class or rich minorities. These are the non typical, that don't fit in with the minority stereotypes at all. My guess is that like Obama, they are a mixed breed, with RH- or O blood in their family tree.)

So I would suggest we go deeper, say, back to the less mixed Africans in Africa, to find out what true infertility rates actually are.

Some differentiate between preventable and health related infertility as "secondary infertility", while the genetic or unexplained infertility is deemed "primary infertility".  According to the World Health Organization taskforce that conducted a study of 8504 couples in 33 countries in Africa:

"While primary infertility is [much] higher in other regions of the world, secondary infertility is more common in Africa". Even without a previous history of pelvic inflammatory disease or STDs many of these woman had tubal diseases and infections. "African infections are common due to inadequate health services, improper use of antibiotics, and penicillin-resistant strains of gonorrhea." (Not to mention unsanitary conditions, Aids, sleeping around without access to protection, etc. . .)

 True "primary infertility", where treatment is actually being sought out, is very uncommon for developing nations, (that have little to no mixing from the alien bloodline) from what I have read. So while different risk factors like STD's, poor diets and unsanitary conditions for some "races" has seemingly made the stats closer to even, (especially in this mixed up country) the truly unexplained cases of infertility seem to be predominantly for the whites. This certainly seems to answer the question of which race has infertility the most, and probably even why. . .but I feel like I need to bring out a few other points.

So, is it just me, or are the even semi healthy eating, middle class and/or functioning minority families over run with kids!? Maybe there's a reason that with their added fertility the minorities are even with many large families, and high rates of twins, they are having the most abortions and their kids are ending up in the foster system in droves. . .Is it really just about money? It would seem to me that large functioning families that want kids would make due with small spaces and being on wic, foodstamps, etc, and make a way in this affluent country where handouts are easy to find.

 Tax breaks, public schools, libraries to homeschool, government housing, heating/cooling help, and food programs, as well as community/church clothing and food pantries also all make having more kids really very, very cheap, and even a benefit these days! 

Unless you are stressing over money for private school, college, music lessons or the like, (which is almost unheard of in poor neighborhoods where hordes of kids run wild in the streets) then there should be no reason why a responsible and healthy mother in a stable relationship should be needing regular abortions, at the expense of the tax payer. . .and yet, according to stats, blacks and Hispanics are having a lot! While whites are doing most of the adopting and fostering of their children. Why would the minorities be seeking to ditch their hordes on anyone else? Maybe partially because they have what is considered by white society, "too many kids", and they feel that they are just using up resources!

Hey, I'm not personally saying any number is too many, (if you have the patience, support, time and the money to care for them) as I have 4 and am pregnant with number 5 myself. . . "I wouldn't have a leg to stand on" if I started to "cast stones" at large, responsible families. Unfortunately, I see a lot of abuse in childraising these days. Is some of it stemming from the younger age of puberty because of the hormones in foods in this country? While that may play a part I'm sure, but it seems to me that a lot of the abuse and  abortions stem from the mothers abusive upbringing in a poor, dysfunctional family.

 Minorities also just naturally have earlier puberty, one of the many differences I believe I discussed in my popular post: The difference in our blood, and what it means. Part 3, with minorities hitting puberty younger then whites by at least a year or two, sometimes up to 4, this lends itself to problems. . .

While adoption or fostering may be an option to these young girls finding themselves pregnant out of wedlock, often those who grew up in the system themselves, (only to be abused) feel that an abortion would have been a better end for them. So not wanting to send their own children to that fate, and going by the golden rule, when they find themselves pregnant, (at sometimes as young as 10) they feel they are ill prepared to either emotionally or physically deal with the pregnancy or the birth. Usually on top of that, they are scared of what it would mean for their school work, chance of a job, having life goals, etc.  Raising the child without a supportive family, (which is often rare) they know would be impossible, so having no hope of keeping the pregnancy, much less the child afterwards, they choose the best of two evils.

 I think unreadiness to take on a family, dysfunctional and abusive families, and the high fertility rate associated with young minority girls are all good reasons for the high abortion rate in minorities. All in all, in this country it seems that they (mostly single woman) are less able to handle the large families, or any kids at all! Mind you, much of that can be blamed on their expectations of fitting in with this white culture, something that they did not evolve to do, nor should they want to do. 

Also, the dehumanizing of black males, (as passed down from father to son by example from their slavery days) no doubt played a major part that led to a breakdown of the family unit. (I'm not just generalizing or judging them, but their divorce rate in this country is horrible, even considering that half of them never officially marry!) If they got back to their roots, and how their culture and families looked like in Africa, they would do fine I'm sure with large families though. 

In the mean time, those who desperately want kids, are mature enough, have enough money, would make great parents, etc, struggle with having kids. While those who don't want them, and are too young, have neither education, money, or support for them, are over run by them. Is it fair? Well, I had to learn this bitter truth in my own struggles with infertility: "life isn't fair", but for your own sanity, you've just got to believe, that it will all turn out in the end for the best. . .or as the Christians like to say, "All things work together for good. . ."

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