Friday, October 18, 2013

So you know "THE TRUTH" huh?

As my readers may know, I spent around 5 years in what even most religious people would call a cult. I know now that all non-mainstream religion is cult- like in it's definition, but that's another post. . .
Anyhow, in communicating with one of my friends who recently left the cult, this statement was made, "THE only Truth left is The Holy Scriptures and I will stand on that for sure, I also will not debate the Word of God....I guess one could say I am narrow minded, because I will only accept what comes out of "The Word" as Truth...I will not accept what most do as not sin when it is....that would leave me going against the WORD and I will not do that....I know there is NONE other under the sun but, JESUS(YESHUA)....I now know what and how cults do and are, and WILL NOT get stuck in that again. Yes, we made a mistake getting involved, [in a cult] but, am glad I am not there anymore.... " 

I find it interesting that though previous discussions with my friend showed she was sure that she had changed to be nonjudgemental by simply leaving the cult, by what she said here though it is clear that she hadn't. Note the key phrases claiming to have "truth", admitting to be narrow minded, and unteachable. Even worse though, she claims to not accept "most" people's standards as ok, and says they are sinning, when she is not. " I will not accept what most do as not sin when it is." Talk about setting yourself against culture and society! Sadly, now she is a law unto herself, and with no set standards so she can fellowship, she is actually worse off socially now!!

 Note the key phrases there where she is claiming to have "truth", admitting to be narrow minded, and being closed to debate, which equals to being unteachable?  This is a self induced cult mindset! Yet what did she say? "I now know what and how cults do and are, and WILL NOT get stuck in that again. Yes, we made a mistake getting involved, [in a cult] but, am glad I am not there anymore.... "  Incredible! She doesn't see it! 

 Is this unusual? I doubt it. Why would I think that you ask? Because I did the same thing basically when I left the cult and went into another branch of religion. I was convinced that now I had found the right path of "truth". As long as I went to a church with a solid doctrinal statement I was saying that this was the truth, and others who disagreed were mistaken or worse, not led of the Spirit, and consequently probably not saved.

 Only now have I studied science and found that each person's perception of reality and truth is on par with a personal hologram! Reality is not full of truths, but opinions and perceptions. To say anything but, only shows your misunderstanding of how the world and the mind works. That is predictable in religion though, as science and psychology is looked down upon, but especially if it disagrees with your preconceived notions based on your translation of the Bible. . . which also has to go through the filter of your reality.

 Is it really any wonder then that no two religious people agree on even the basics in the Bible without having to set up rules and solid statements of faith? At that point, they have subjected themselves to control in a cult-like setting. Even if they agree on the statement of faith at the time though, as a thinking adult, you can't account for growth and wisdom or knowledge coming in later life and changing your mind about something. Sadly, in a setting like that you are forced to close your mind to new information, lest you change and loose everything you have counted on as truth. (Not to mention loosing your friends and community!) What really is lost that matters though? Your pride. Isn't that a good thing to loose though?!

Just think, if everyone in the world could say, "I've been wrong before, and I could be mistaken now in my perceptions, so I will consider what you say and weigh the evidence." What wars would fizzle out, what bigotry would dry up! Humility is a wonderful thing, but as much as it is preached in all religions, it is impossible to have while staunchly in it! Although some stand very loosely on their beliefs being almost Agnostic Christians. . . not claiming to know the truth, but hoping they do. 

Those folks are easy to love and live with, but are not too common. Reason being, open minded and humble people with any curiosity will find out with a short time of concerted study that the evidence points to a much different perception of religion than has historically been held as of late. Leading them into being Agnostics or Atheists, but not always openly. Find a religious person with those qualities though, and I'll bet they are not feeling they belong in their church. (Or they no longer go, or have a homechurch.) This has been my experience, and numerous Christians who confided in me too, but I'm sure there are exceptions. I would love to hear others experiences though. So please comment. and thanks for reading as always.


  1. I understand your arguments, here, Angela. I have also experienced many different things to do with religion and religious organizations. I do have a home church now and am very happy there. I will state, however, that my source of doctrine and belief doesn't come from my church or its teachings. I read my Bible regularly, pray often throughout the day, and remain open to what I need to learn next....never settling I have arrived.

    I used to think I needed to somehow be the best of both worlds in order to make religious and non-religious people happy with was very stressful, and I was unsuccessful. Thus far in life, I have learned the valuable lesson that I can be true and unwavering in my faith without feeling like I need to change what I believe all the time to please everyone else's shifting or differing opinions. I did learn this from God as he lead me to read a passage in Hebrews. I would much rather learn from a teacher who is far wiser than any person than to get my nuggets of knowledge from other sources.

    I know I still have things that need learning, but I also know where my base is - and that is SOLID. Without standing on solid ground, I would constantly be falling all over the place. That is no way to live...highly illogical, as well.

  2. I will address your comments in order. You claimed that "my source of doctrine and belief doesn't come from my church or its teachings. I read my Bible regularly, pray often throughout the day, and remain open. . ." While there's no doubt truth in this, there are many issues with this that negate it. For one thing, while you may not believe your doctrine comes from your church, it is what you allow to influence you, and subconsciously you are getting many messages from it, that may be the last thing a person would believe without that voice. Furthermore, while you believe you are listening to "God" and reading his thoughts to you in the Bible, there is no evidence that this could be true, as "God" never says the same thing to any two people, even with the same verses.

    So, while you believe yourself to be free, as long as you must gauge your actions to what you read or percieve to be in a book, you are not. The mind needs to find justifications to disregard, or follow what the verses have always meant, and thus your filter becomes your reality in understanding the book. Your perception is not reality. If this isn't obvious by all the thousands of denominations and even religions all stemming from the Bible, then I don't know what is.

    Secondly, your perception of "God" making you read things into certain things you see or read is typical, but wrong. There are many very solid psychological reasons for this belief, but there is no founding for it being anything but your inner voice/conscience, which all have, but not all listen to.

    You claimed that you found that you didn't want to change what you believed all the time, just "to please everyone else's shifting or differing opinions." Claiming you learned this from God.

    Lot's of people believe that, but about the freedom to do stuff that in your perception would be bad. Of course they often don't say God helped them come to it. Sometimes they do though!
    When you are in tune with your inner self, or are quiet, you can listen to what you feel to be right in your heart. People of all religions or not can do this, but ironically, those who have to justify the wrong in the Bible listen to this voice less! (And this can be proven by statistics.)
    You believe your teacher and base of your beliefs is solid, but when it comes down to it, you are the only thing you are listening to, as you basically don't believe in being teachable to others, (whether it's about their perception and understanding based on their education of the Bible, or just their general opinion of life.) as that may constitute reading into the Bible something you don't already agree with. Nobody should feel they should "change what [they] believe all the time [in order] to please everyone else's shifting or differing opinions", but they should be free to and regularly change with increasing information. Sadly, if you believe your opinions, that you have are led of God, they become unchangeable. . .and that is foolish.
    I could name any number of really stupid things people felt led of God to do or think, that they eventually had to change when the evidence forced them to change. . .but isn't it better to live in humility, teachability, and change as soon as the evidence calls for it?