Saturday, July 21, 2012

"We have the best government that money can buy." Mark Twain

In this democratic republic of the United States of America, we are told our vote counts. We are encouraged to vote for people who will represent the average American into a congress of individuals who will stand for fairness and equality. So, the typical concerned citizen tries to find the Candidate who seems most likely to stand for the issues most important to them. Going so far as to only vote for one if he has proved to you his motives (in other words, is the same religion) and lifestyle (doesn't cheat, lie and has a good family).  While people always seem to be convinced they voted for the right one at the time, does history show us there has been a good choice as of late to even vote for? Do we really have power for change with our vote, or considering our options, is it a stacked deck? 

When they get into power, do they show integrity, strength, and stand up to the wrong in this country like they promise, or do they simply spend money on things that make the big guys even more rich, and the poor, even more poor? According to the Christian Scientist Monitor  "Almost every US lawmaker takes big money aimed at helping private interests win favorable government action. If they stash the cash for themselves, it's illegal. If they use it to get reelected, keep their job, and help the private interests, it's generally legal."

 We were founded on the freedom to choose how we will believe and think and told we could not be legally abused, jailed, tortured or killed for the freedom of speech. So because of that I feel the freedom to speak my mind without fear of being legally shut down, financially ruined, tortured, detained indefinitely or assassinated for my unpatriotic speech. . .or do I?
 Senate bill 1867 is now passed and "allows U.S. military to detain and murder anti-government protesters in American cities the National Defense Authorization Act -- would openly "legalize" the U.S. government's detainment and murder of OWS protesters and the assassination of talk show hosts, bloggers, journalists and anyone who holds a so-called "anti-government" point of view."

So they can hurt me, but would they? Have they had a history of it before, that would be prone to get worse now? The question has been asked here: "How many people, in fact, have been killed by government violence in the 20th century? Not deaths in wars and civil wars among military combatants, but mass murder of civilians and innocent victims with either the approval or planning of governments — the intentional killings of their own subjects and citizens or people under their political control? The answer is: 169,198,000. If the deaths of military combatants are added to this figure, governments have killed 203,000,000 in the 20th century." (That's not including the deaths by the drugs and malpractice of their loyal subjects the Doctors and Dentists who are told what to think, paid to make up studies and given a cut in any drugs they push for the Pharmaseudical companies. . . .that number alone would put the government as accomplice to the leading cause of death in this whole country, as seen here.)

Of course no one can know for sure the numbers, and they may be slightly different depending on your source and what they include. . .but we do know the number is high and rising! So if you still believe we are free after checking those sites, you must be watching the controlled media, bribed and controlled Medical field and listening to the government. . .their fingers are in many different large organizations by the way. 
While there may be no such thing as unbiased sources, you can guess that when a university, smaller group or individual puts out their thoughts, a study, or does research that could easily make them lose their job, reputation, or even life, that would be a better source. . . than from a place that is connected to someone making money (or saving a lot of it) or the government.

 Sadly, many find it just easier to stay in the dark about their leadership, or they feel it is wrong to question their leaders aren't ordained by God. . .and that's what the leadership wants! They actually want it so badly, that we can see them encourage thoughts that would make the public more passive and sheeplike, legalizing it's practice and supporting it everywhere they turn. They will even pose as being Christians themselves to convince you that they are a good leader. . .but when we look back on their claim, it seems pretty clear they were just as bad as the next guy not claiming to be a Christian. . .  

They don't want you to believe they are bad, and certainly not that they are being blackmailed or bribed by anyone who is either. When someone actually says they are bad though, they don't usually stay around too long, especially if they are anyone of consequence, who has influence. (so maybe I'm safe:)

People are starting to question their authorities more, which in many cases is a good thing, even if it at first results in rebellion and chaos.  

Often those who are taught to just "pray for your leaders" have a subconscious idol worship of their country, and feel it is their patriotic duty to support their government, as that would be supporting their country's soldiers. (Doubly so if they have a family member who is working for the Government as a soldier. . .) Because of the mounting dissatisfied citizens, those -often "God-fearing"- folk take it on themselves to adamantly defend the government, (and their many wings,) as their patriotic duty, as a "tack on" to their other misplaced faith. So as in religion, they are unaware of, and even praising their own slave masters. 
"None are more hopelessly enslaved then those who falsely believe they are free." 

Patriotism has an interesting history! During the 18th century's "Age of Enlightenment", the notion of patriotism was separate from the notion of nationalism. Patriotism was defined as devotion to humanity and beneficence. For example, providing charity, criticizing slavery, and denouncing excessive penal laws were all considered patriotic. In ancient patriotism, individual responsibility to fellow citizens was an inherent component of patriotism. Even the original pledge of Allegiance reflects this. "The Pledge of Allegiance was written in August 1892 by the socialist minister Francis Bellamy (1855-1931). Bellamy had hoped that the pledge would be used by citizens in any country. It read: "I pledge allegiance to my flag and to the republic for which it stands: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 

Whereas during the 19th century, "patriotism" became increasingly synonymous with "nationalism" and even "jingoism", which refers to excessive bias in judging one's own country as superior to others – an extreme type of nationalism.

Consequently, in 1923, the words, "the Flag of the United States of America" were added to the pledge to replace the pledge that any nation could use. It was changed again in 1954 to add the biased and intolerant belief that the country is under the authority of the Christian's god. Which was in response to the demonizing and fear of the Communists at that time in World War II. President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the "comforting" words "under God" to the pledge, and soon after wanted to remove the salute that went with it, because it resembled the Nazi one. (At about the same time the law makers were adding "In God we trust" to our money that use to read: "Mind your business.") Bellamy's daughter objected to these alterations, (her father had since died) but they went against her and changed her fathers pledge anyways.

 Patriotism/Nationalism/Jingoism has had a fair number of critics since then. The harshest among them have judged it deeply flawed in every aspect. In the 19th century, Russian novelist and thinker Leo Tolstoy found patriotism both stupid and immoral. "It is stupid because every patriot holds his own country to be the best of all whereas, obviously, only one country can qualify. It is immoral because it enjoins us to promote our country's interests at the expense of all other countries and by any means, including war, and is thus at odds with the most basic rule of morality, which tells us not to do to others what we would not want them to do to us (Tolstoy 1987, 97)." Recently, Tolstoy's critique has been seconded by American political theorist George Kateb, who argues that patriotism is “a mistake twice over: it is typically a grave moral error and its source is typically a state of mental confusion” (Kateb 2000, 901). Patriotism is most importantly expressed in a readiness to die and to kill for one's country. "It is lamentable, that to be a good patriot one must become the enemy of the rest of mankind."
 (And more info is at Wikipedia here.)

Sadly, when people put their faith in and idolize any of the 4 g's (god, government, group, or guru) they set themselves up to do things that a moral, thinking person would never consider. 
"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." Voltaire.

We already know that the Government plotted to make us drink their drugged water to both save a big company a lot of money on toxic landfill bills, and because they found out it would make us stupid and infertile. When they couldn't get to everyone who had wells they told dentists to get it in their products and endorse it as good for the teeth. (A claim that is not true, and instead fluoride in fact leaves white spots on the teeth. . .which are or were on the teeth of 3 people in my immediate family!)

 Some say that to vaccinate with their drugs is mind altering, and is a plot to control the population without our knowledge or consent. Some also say that unbeknownst to us, vaccines contain a government tracking device! (There is a host of more info, even from "Christian" sites like this, so it's not just the "whacked out Hippies" saying it. . .!)

We can also see how dangerous the GMO "foods" are that they encourage and support the production of. As well as MSG and artificial sweeteners, which they also support.

A generation of following a low fat, high grain diet (with the condemning of raw dairy, animal fat and butter as well as raw honey) has shown us how unhealthy and biased toward their pawns the government made the food pyramid, against the advice of the health experts they hired to make it! And now we have a generation of people leading the world in obesity because of it! And our stupidity and addictions have now spread to other westernized countries! Check out the obesity rate chart below.

I think we are very close to the reality in the "fiction" movie with Christian Bale called "Equilibrium" personally. The solution in that was an assassination of the top dog, by a powerful insider.
 Another close-to-reality movie recently put out is "V for Vendetta." (Don't let both of their R ratings put you off, they are serious subject matter, and sadly violent in a few parts, but they are appropriate for most audiences IMO.) That movie as well showed real insight to our nation's problems, and gave the same solution (assassination), although not being carried out by an insider this time, it was a mutant created by the governments human testing.

 It was "V for vendetta" that has inspired the face of some groups like "Anonymous", a large hacktivist group, considered by CNN to be one of three successors to wikileaks, and on a larger scale, The Occupy Movement. 

Some would say that a government that fears the people is going to be the most motivated to help the people for their common good. Thomas Jefferson said: "When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."
 I also think Voltaire was onto something when he said: "The ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination." Any volunteers:)?
(P.S. if my posts stop, or sound different anytime after this, you can guess it's not the government who has been taken out, it's me!)


  1. Rereading this old post I have realized in was a little naive. I did not realize that the bloodline that rules this country and world is the RH-,, and the high IQ white "Jews". (All whites originated with the pure Jews I believe, the Ashkenazi Jews. The true Jews having no dark in them.)
    The smart are being over run by the stupid in this country, and while the ones in charge may seem to be conniving, and have even been purported to have schemed to be attempting to take out a large portion of the country, it may be for the benefit of the world, and the remaining smart ones in it. Stupidity is ruining the planet, causing wars, and killing the innocent that should have never been born if the parents were choosing or smart.

    So my beliefs have changed, and while I am tempted to say how horrible it is that a few control the politics of the country, when it turns to a democracy, and there are too many stupid people, we have the same issue as in South Africa right now. Sadly, they are taking out the whites, or those with the highest IQ in the country, those who are creating jobs, and those paying the welfare to the rest. White flight is consequently happening, and it will be the cause of a destroyed civilization, just as happened in Detroit.

    We can't give the vote to the majority as the majority changes to being controlled by the minorities! As the ones in charge see this, they control the vote, and wisely bring in or suggest to the uninformed that they slowly kill themselves with these government condones things. I can think of no better way of a silent war then to let stupid people kill themselves, and to make them think they have a say. So while there is no doubt that the government is controlled by groups and companies, run by smart elite people, who are actually likely just pawns of higher intelligence yet. . .

    I choose to trust it will all be for the good of the country, and world. (As the higher the IQ, the more humanitarian a group is.) They are keeping a lot from us, as they wisely realize that many people would riot if they knew the truth of what was happening in this country. You can find out the hidden stuff, but it will generally be put out there as a "conspiracy theory". If it looks like the government is killing off people, silencing people, or otherwise controlling people, it is likely right, but it is likely for the best if you knew the whole picture. I don't know it all, but I know more then enough to say that things like the highly militarized police force in Ferguson are needed. Every black area needs an army to fight them or keep them from rioting. Chicago, and Ferguson co. has wanted to call in the national guard to help control these highest black areas, and Detroit (almost completely black now) is so understaffed that they have issued a warning to "enter Detroit at your own risk".

    The only way to understand the government is to stop listening to a liberal biased, cultural Marxist media spreading discord. Neither party has it all, but of the two, Republicans will at least solve the social and economic issues. (Even if due to their religious bias they make the wrong choices for the environment.)

    So, please take even my blog posts with a grain of salt, and keep learning with me.

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