Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update on my blog, for my faithful supporters.

For those of you curious about my blog. I am not going to tell you that I've written a blog that's gone exactly viral or something, but as I am nearing my 10,000th pageview, it seems a good time as any to give a little bragging update.

While my friends on Facebook have accounted for about a measly 450 of those views, the vast majority of those views have come from those who are just randomly searching Google. Proof to me that those who are curious, and looking, are usually the only ones who will find answers.

From May 1st of 2012, to now, I have seen my blog appreciated by those around the world. These are the stats broken down by countries.
 United States
United Kingdom

Of course, a lot of that can be explained by Wikipedia's Demographics of atheism  Which makes a very interesting read!

I would be curious just how many reading this are Atheists or Agnostics already though. . .or if they became one after reading my blog. I know of at least one who left a life deeply entrenched in his cult-like upbringing, partially because of my influence. . . but I'd hope there were more. I've heard of so many stories where the more educated one got, the more they ran from religion. (At least organized religion. . which another few of my friends have confessed to me.)

 I don't claim to be a smart professor in college or something, but I hope nonetheless that by quoting some smart people and info from them,  I can challenge your mind to question things that you were always so sure about, and  get your mind thinking about life in a deeper, more skeptical way. (And sorry if that traumatizes you first before enlightening you. . .maybe I should blog on the best tricks to help your health in a stressful time.)

I hope you faithful readers, not brave enough yet to subscribe, will feel free to at least comment, so we can get together on Facebook or something. (I'd love to hear how my blog has influenced your life.) I will even erase your comment if you ask me to, for added anonymity.

 I'm sorry that my blog is slow as of late, but I have some huge and touchy posts I'm working on right now. . .instead of the book I was toying with writing, trying to actually make some money on my writing for a change. The world needs more free info I figure, not trees cut for paper books.

 So thanks to my readers, and all the encouragement their numbers are to me. Thanks to my church friends for their support. (At the Unitarian Universalist church in my area.) Thanks for my family for giving up the time with me, and freeing me up at many times so that I could change the world. This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for! Peace to all.

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